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Tamil Nadu's Amar Ramesh: One Of India's Top Wedding Photographers
With over 400 weddings under his belt across the world, Amar believes in the power of visual storytelling and has started passion projects in temple architecture, social documentaries and Discover Tamil Nadu.
Ara Ehamparam
Co-founder & Podcast Host ("The Tamil Creator")
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Amar Ramesh is a photographer based in Chennai, and the founder of Studio A Weddings, a creative wedding photography firm with a talented team of 25 passionate people. 

"Photography is my window to happiness, and most importantly, the tool to impact positive change in this world," he says, and we see the same in his pictures that exude positivity.

Listen to Amar's TEDxBITSathy talk - “Life Through The Lens”.

What was your path to being the founder at Studio A?

I started on a different note, and am continuing on a different note now, but I am grateful to the path I've come through. From being an engineering student to doing my masters in the US, working a corporate job there, and coming back to India to start up my Photography career, every phase of my life has been an enriching experience. I still remember the first day I quit my job and embraced the world of photography full time. The next thing I know, we are now a team of 25, Studio A, one of the top wedding photography firms in the country. When you truly want something and work hard towards it, the universe conspires. Looking forward to more from here. 

How is it running a business with family?

This indeed is a family business. By family I mean my team, and like any joint family, we've had our ups and downs. Our strength lies in the way we stuck together through the tough and pleasant times equally. That team spirit is something you cannot create over the night. We took our time. We found the synergy, and we are now on our way to create history. I am confident we can, and we will. 

You mentioned that you found your “superpower” - how does somebody find theirs?

Be curious. Try different things. And keep trying. The trick is consistency. The more you do, the more you will discover. We are all capable of so many things and have hidden superpowers. And we are bound to find them when we are on the move, not when we are static. Keep moving. Keep doing. That's how I discovered mine. I hope you find yours too. 


You mentioned that when you returned to Tamil Nadu from the US, a 5-star hotel purchased the pictures that you took of a temple - how did they know about these photos?

When you are starting something on your own, it is very important that you talk about your work to everyone, everywhere. Be seen. Make connections. You've no idea who will relate to your work and who will propel you further. But the right connections will happen to you at the right time. That's how it worked for me. 

You lived in the US for a little while - how would you describe your experience there compared to life in Tamil Nadu?

Growing up I learned to be independent. Wherever I was, I was a keen observer and life taught me a lot of things that way. Life was different in the US and a whole lot different when I returned to Tamil Nadu. But both had its purpose. Like I said, I lived both to the fullest. 

What is one thing you love and hate living in Chennai?

PEOPLE - is the answer for both. On one end I am fascinated by the mosaic of minds Chennai is made of. On the other end, the increasing population in the city scares me a lot. 

What is your favorite wedding to shoot?  Favorite place to travel to?

Every wedding I get to shoot is my favorite.  Today wherever I am, is my favorite place. 

Did you have any naysayers in your family or friend circle when you initially started down this path, especially given that most people choose “doctor” or “engineer” as a career choice?

Lots! Yes, there were so many who were cynical when I wanted to give up my safe software career to start something on my own. It is a matter of time, and you will know what you want to do for good, at some point in life. Take control and cruise forward. 


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I love the socially responsible projects you’ve taken on like “Discover Tamil Nadu”.  What was your favorite project to work on and what was the social/monetary impact of that project? 

There is not one but many that I am proud to have empowered when it comes to socially responsible projects. Instead of me talking about it, I urge you to watch these films and understand why it is close to my heart and why you should see it too. 

Chennai Children's choir -

Heal Paradise -

What do you think the 16-year Amar Ramesh would tell the current you?

Tomorrow will better if you enjoy today. 

What is your favorite Tamil food (meal or dessert)?

Dosa, anytime.  

What is your favorite Tamil movie?

So many, and it depends on my state of mind. Hard to pick one now.  

What is one "must do" activity that anybody visiting Chennai?

Go to the beach in the morning.

What does Tamil culture mean to you?

Ancient, beautiful, creative, meaningful - Tamil culture fascinates me and I am blessed to be a part of it.  


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