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TamilChangemakers by TamilCulture.com, celebrates the convergence of business, the arts, tech, non-profit and more by bringing together members from around the world.

Over the years, through our storytelling platform TC, we’ve had the pleasure of growing a network of incredible Tamil individuals from around the world, across industries. We’ve often facilitated offline introductions and collaborations by connecting our network, highlighting a need for building a globally connected Tamil community where diversity in thought and experiences, along with access, can create unique opportunities and knowledge sharing for everyone involved. And that’s how this community came to be!


Connect with diverse changemakers from the global Tamil community who are making strides in their chosen career paths who can help you along your journey.
“TC has been an influential part of my entrepreneurial journey. I learned about my first business mentor from a TC article. TC is not just about celebrating Tamil excellence, it’s about celebrating a Tamil culture, where fellow Tamils help to lift other Tamils so that we can reach our fullest potential and find our place in the larger global community.”
- Travis Ratnam, CEO, Knowledgehook


Inspire one another through the exchange of ideas, resources and unique opportunities.
“I have been following TC for over a decade now. It is a unique platform that fed my curiosity about my own culture. I could see myself in the stories featured. TC remains brave in exploring the complexities of being Tamil. By addressing everything openly, TC connects us to like-minded Tamils. For me, it created a sense of belonging. I continue to learn and share through the platform. Look forward to being part of the Tamil changemakers’ conversation.”
- Suba Umathevan, CEO, Drosos Foundation Switzerland


Grow your network, business and individual interests by tapping into an influential network.
“My appreciation for both individual responsibility and meritocracy is boundless. With this in mind, I wrote a few columns for TamilCulture.com to share my thoughts with a generation of Tamils who are now coming of age. This process in part inspired me to write my memoir. Risk-taking, hard work, and the chance to turn risk and hard work into success are what we all should strive for.”
- Roy Ratnavel, Financial Executive & Author of Prisoner #1056
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