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We're excited to bring you our next 'Tamil Innovators Spotlight' in partnership with Startup Dojo. Our featured innovator is Nelson Sivalingam, a serial entrepreneur and award-winning filmmaker from the UK. His company HowNow is one of the fastest-growing technology companies transforming the way organisations approach learning across the world.
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Our Tamil Innovators Spotlight is an online series which puts the spotlight on individuals from the global Tamil community who are building great products, services and initiatives. Our latest event is brought to you in partnership with Startup Dojo.

The event will be held live on Wednesday Aug 4th, 2021 at 5PM EST.
From award-winning high growth technology businesses to successful Sri Lankan street food restaurant groups, I've spent more than a decade building businesses from the ground up and scaling them. As for filmmaking, I produced and directed ads, music videos, documentaries (for WHO, Royal Society of Science) and later a feature film that travelled the world being screened at festivals (and picking up best film!).

I'm currently the CEO and Co-Founder at HowNow, one of the fastest-growing technology companies transforming the way organisations approach learning across the world. Our clients include tech unicorns GymShark and as well as global enterprises such as Sanofi, Telefonica and Investec to name a few. As mentioned by Forbes and TechCrunch, we're one of the edtech companies to watch out for, backed by industry influencers like Mark Pearson (founder of, Andy Murray (Tennis Champion), Michael Whitfield and Chris Bruce (founder of Thomson Online Benefits) and Alwin Magimay (Previously digital leader at McKinsey, KPMG and Accenture).

I have been a speaker at over 100 events including HR Summit, AI Talks, Google Campus, London Tech Week and a mentor for Startup Britain and a Guest Lecturer on Entrepreneurship. I have been recognised by Virgin Media Business as one of the top 30 young innovative founders in the country as well as one of the top Asian Stars in Tech by KPMG. I'm a thought-leader on Startups, Technology and Workplace Learning contributing to publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph,, and Training Industry to name a few. I was also recently featured in Bloomberg's documentary on Entrepreneurial Mindset.
Flashback to when Leo won his first Oscar, Pokemon GO was a thing and when we set out on a mission to help people grow. These three phenomenons are completely unconnected but they did happen in the same year.
The story of how we started HowNow isn’t straight-forward enough to sum up into a few lines and we believe is movie-worthy (although we might be biased). If it ever got made, the log line for the movie would read: a group of unlikely heroes come together to embark on a mission to help people discover the right skills, knowledge and mindset to solve the world’s biggest problems.
The moral of the movie would be continuous learning is the secret for making the most out of life. Coming soon to a screen near you.
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TC is a community platform that helps you discover Tamil Thinkers, Creators and Doers.
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