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Tamil Innovators: Miller Alexander Rajendran, CEO of SenzAgro, on Founding the First Agri-tech Company in Sri Lanka
Our latest Tamil Innovators Spotlight, in partnership with Startup Dojo features innovator Miller Alexander Rajendran. He is a Tech enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur. In 2017, Miller and friends founded SenzAgro, the first Agri-tech company in Sri Lanka.
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TC's Tamil Innovators Spotlight is an online series which puts the spotlight on individuals from the global Tamil community who are building great products, services and initiatives.

About the featured speaker, Miller Alexander Rajendran:
Miller Alexander Rajendran was a computer science graduate from the University of Jaffna. He is a Tech enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur. In 2017, Miller and friends founded SenzAgro, the first Agri-tech company in Sri Lanka. As the pioneers SenzAgro disrupted the agriculture industry from the root. And for the Agri-tech achievementsSenzAgro recognised by international stages like SLUSH GIA, ClimateLaunchpad and WRI LAND South Asia. 
Miller is a great promoter of Startup ecosystems, Social Enterprises, and Sustainable Development Goals. He is a core volunteer member of Yarl IT Hub - a volunteer-driven Startup accelerator based in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. And he is well recognized for promoting SDG goals and entrepreneurship among school students. 
Currently,Miller represents Sri Lanka as the  Climate Ambassador for World bank group.
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