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What Stones Are You Carrying Today?
Some stones may look different, but they are all heavy. What past feelings of things like heartbreak, regret or anger have you allowed into your bag?
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In Art Berg’s “ The Impossible Just Takes a Little Longer: Living with Purpose and Passion,” the author details the story of a traveler venturing across a desert land. The traveler becomes thirsty during his journey and goes to a nearby village for food and water. However, he’s laughed at and turned away by the villagers there. Frustrated, the man places a stone in his bag telling the villagers he would remember the insult. Sadly, this occurred numerous times, and the man turned to placing stones into his bag in an effort to remind himself of his mistreatment by the villagers. 

As you can imagine, his bag got heavy extremely quickly. The weight of the stones was getting in the way of his search for food and water. However, they also became a part of the man’s identity, and losing the stones would mean losing his sense of self. He cherished them, as they were his only companion throughout his travels. Even when it was clear they were only increasing his burden, he refused to put them down, as they became a part of him.

Eventually, he passed away, as the weight of his stones made it impossible for him to continue his journey. The man didn’t realize that by putting his stones down, there was the chance he could have gone further and received the help he needed.

My question is, what stones are you carrying today?

What past feelings of things like heartbreak, regret or anger have you allowed into your bag?

How heavy are they?

Would your life be better off without them?



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