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How To Drape Tia's Cancan Saree

Lenghas and sarees are expensive - so it's a shame that we hardly get any wear out of them.

I started experimenting with different drapes using kanchipuram sarees as a way for my mom and I to spend some quality time together AND make use of her endless stash of kanchipuram sarees. There is no need to buy a new outfit every time there is an occasion. Get creative, go shopping in your own closet, your mom's, a friend's or cousin's. Put together unlikely pieces and discover new ways of wearing all of those expensive pieces you already own!

In the following drape video, I share how to wear your kanchipuram saree with a lengha skirt. I'm wearing a cancan skirt with extra volume but you can wear any lengha skirt you already own - as long as it has a drawstring waist. This is important especially when draping kanchipuram sarees so that the drape stays neat and secure. Try it out and add your own flare to the drape to make it all your own. There are no rules and the possibilities are only confined by your imagination - and 6 yards of fabric!




If you like what you have seen in this video, follow me on social media: Instagram:@tiabhuva https://www.instagram.com/tiabhuva/

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To get your own cancan skirts, please visit www.tiabhuva.com  

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