Tia's Cancan Saree: Which Do You Prefer?
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Tia Bhuva
Co Founder, TiaBhuva.com
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Growing up I loved seeing inspiration spreads like this in my favourite teen magazines; YM, Seventeen etc. I remember one spread in particular because it featured a beige cardigan styled for casual wear, formal, day and night.  When I saw this concept, I was hooked.

How could one simple piece of clothing be used so beautifully in so many different ways? However, there was never a saree featured. There was hardly ever a non white model, let alone a South Asian one. And understandably so - these magazines catered to a largely white American population. That is what is so amazing about the times we currently live in. Our inspiration doesn't have to come from a mass produced magazine or for wardrobes we don't own. A quick search on Pinterest or Instagram hashtags will show you all the inspiration you could ever need to style all of the pieces hanging in your closet - South Asian wear included.

Best of all, we have all the tools we need to create and share our own spreads, in our pockets! All of these photos were shot, edited, compiled and shared on my phone. No fancy camera, editing software or magazine staff needed. We live in a time where the possibilities are truly endless.

The following are comparisons of the same saree draped Nivi style and Cancan saree style. Which do you prefer?


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Tia Bhuva
Co Founder, TiaBhuva.com
I work in Food by day and run an ecommerce business in Fashion at night (and weekends) ...
I work in Food by day and run an ecommerce business in Fashion at night (and weekends) ...
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