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“You’re just unlucky,” my doctor said.

He just diagnosed me with Microtia, a condition that causes one of your ears to be permanently smaller than the other.

When I asked (prodded) more about the condition, all he reassured me with were those dreaded three words.

Yeah, it sucked feeling unlucky. 

But what sucked even more, was taking on someone’s limitations of me.

Les Brown said we should never let someone’s opinion of us dictate our reality - but I made the mistake of doing so.

Turns out, when you’re told by an old dude in a lab coat that you’re unlucky - you start to act like it (and I did for a long time).

Here’s what I wish the doctor told me instead.

“Microtia affects 1 in every 5,000 births, meaning you had a 0.020% chance of getting it. 

Sure you might feel unlucky right now, but you’ve gotta ask yourself - what goals and dreams do you face 0.020% odds right now of actually reaching? 

Being diagnosed with Microtia makes you 1 in 5,000. That’s an objective fact, it isn’t me spinning something in a positive light.

What is my Identity? It's a question that we all seek to answer in our own ways throughout our lives. Each episode of Identity spotlights a different creative, some from the Tamil community and some from outside it, who will be chatting about how we take ownership of our narratives, art, politics and of course who we are. We hope to inspire you through their unique stories of seeking and finding Identity. Episodes:

Where else in your life are you destined to be 1 in 5,000?

How hard would you fight for your dreams if you knew you were destined to reach them?

This is your sign.

Your goals were given to you for a reason, and this diagnosis proves that you’re someone born to achieve them.

The next time someone tries putting you in a box, understand they have no idea who you are and how far you’ve come.

Don’t ever let someone’s opinion of you affect how you feel about yourself. (Except right now, definitely let this affect you.)

Mayuran Sabesan
Just a kid hoping my story will inspire others to turn the pages of their own book.
Just a kid hoping my story will inspire others to turn the pages of their own book.
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