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Dating While Tamil Podcast: Love & Sexuality
In this episode of myTamilDate's 'Dating While Tamil' podcast, guest speaker Mathusha Senthil, founder of Thaen Pot, discusses the need for open and healthy discussions around love and sexuality in the Tamil community.
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Mathusha Senthil is the founder of Thaen Pot and Thaen X, a community that promotes sexual wellness in the South Asian diaspora, with a focus on empowering women.

Dating While Tamil podcast by myTamilDate, in partnership with TC, discusses the ins and outs of modern dating in the Tamil diaspora. Hosted by Ari Sooriya.

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About Thaen Pot:

Sex is taboo in many cultures around the world. As members of the South Asian diaspora, we noticed conversations around sex were minimal to none. Even when they were being had, pleasure always felt like an afterthought.

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