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Can You Spare $7.50?
COVID-19 Relief Fund for Tamils in Sri Lanka coordinated by non-profit organization
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As we meet the challenges of COVID-19 in our respective countries of residence, we do so with a degree of privilege that many others simply do not have.

This week, launched a special COVID-19 Relief Fund
to help trusted civil society networks in Sri Lanka address urgent food security issues impacting vulnerable Tamil communities during this difficult period.

You can help by donating $7.50.

Your donation can provide dry rations - typically rice, flour, parippu, soyameat, sugar, and tea - that one family can stretch out for a week. 

Our goal is to raise $25,000 this holiday weekend.

We are more than half way there thanks to the generosity of our network - but we need your help to get us to the finish line over the next three days.

Your donation will reach some of the most vulnerable communities, including daily wage earners, women-headed households, ex-combatants and families of the disappeared in the Northern and Eastern Provinces; plantation workers, daily wage earners, and people with disabilities in the Central Province; and migrant workers in the Western Province.

Please donate and share this message forward.


U.S. donors can donate here to get tax deductible receipt from our partner, Visions Global Empowement.

Created By
Kumaran Nadesan
Chaiperson | Impact Foundation
Born in Sri Lanka and raised in India, Oman and Canada, Kumaran Nadesan is a strategist...
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