Yosi: Our Thoughtful Approach to Fashion
Yosi ('think' in Tamil) let's you wear with purpose.
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Have you ever sat on a warm white sand beach staring at the ocean and thought about changing your life to be more meaningful or how you could give yourself a greater purpose or MISSION? Or have you laid in bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to music late at night, trying to figure out your purpose or what your PASSION is? What about a powerful dream that wakes you up from a deep sleep? This is how the YOSI | Collective was born. 

The Collective:

'YOSI' = 'THINK' in the Tamil language

The YOSI | Collective was born in Toronto, Canada after the idea was conceptualized in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The brand, material, & purpose was inspired by a 10 month journey across Southeast Asia and helped form and inspire the identity, purpose, and greater mission of the brand. 

Why YOSI? 

Would you wear organic apparel and incorporate more organic sustainable products into your home and life if you could? 

Would you wear apparel or buy products that raised awareness for global social issues that mean something to you or that you are passionate about? 

Do you want to be a part of a story...a mission...a new impact brand with a purpose that is looking to make a difference, reduce environmental impacts, raise social awareness, and ultimately try and create pockets of change in the world? 

We answered YES to all of the above and started looking for a solution...We couldn't find one. So we create the YOSI | Collective

The Purpose

Phase 1:

Create an Eco-friendly brand made with organic, sustainable material that supports fair trade and ethical practices

Create a  brand that raises awareness for social issues

Create a modern urban brand of apparel, canvas art, and accessories

The YOSI | Collective brand of apparel, accessories, and canvas art is created with a bigger mission in mind. To creation and help fund the YOSI Foundation where we can actually start to make a BIG difference and create an impact.  For more info check out our Goals page 


The origination and purpose of the YOSI | Collective is rooted in the ancient Japanese concept of IKIGAI, which roughly translates to 'reason for being' or 'thing that you live for' in English. Collectively, we went throughteach stage below to figure out what we love to do, what we're good at, what we could get paid for, and what the world needs, and it all ultimately culminated into our IKIGAI, which is the YOSI | Collective. We are a sustainable, social, statement brand with a clear mission and purpose and it begins here!

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[credit: Wikimedia]

We provide a way for people to show their support towards social issues that matter to them the most in an Eco-friendly way with our apparel, accessories, and art.  We use modern graphic art, and creative sayings to give you a voice.


YOSI - A Sustainable Social Statement Brand

Vakeesan Mahalingam
Founder | YOSI Collective
The YOSI Collective was founded by Vakeesan Mahalingam, CFA. He is a Canadian born Tam...
The YOSI Collective was founded by Vakeesan Mahalingam, CFA. He is a Canadian born Tam...
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