The Asian Other…Tamil Podcast: Here's What You Need to Know
Bringing our experiences of being Tamil to the table, so we can create a community that feels accepted, connected and empowered.
The Asian Other Tamil Podcast
London, United Kingdom
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What is the Asian Other … Tamil (AOT) Podcast?

Asian Other … Tamil (AOT) podcast’s mission is to bring the Tamil immigrant journey to light through the art of creative and cultural storytelling, and collaborations with significant Tamil artists from the diaspora. Our mission is to create a Tamil community that feels accepted connected and empowered.

As bi-lingual/cultural editors, since its inception of this podcast, we have actively sought to promote the introspection of cultural practices and challenge stereotypical ideals held by the Tamil community through community-based engagement. Our output highlights themes often ostracised by the Tamil community e.g. Post-traumatic stress experienced after the Sri Lankan civil war, LGBTQIA+, self-identity, menstrual health and casteism etc.   

About the hosts

We are a UK based, female led podcast which arose from a series of late night chats, extremely long voice notes and the overall sharing of life experiences between two friends living in the 21st century Tamil community.


Lets talk focus groups?

AOT’s USP are our focus groups. These were initially designed to ensure that we shed light to The Tamil voice by interviewing members of our community. The outcome, to create culturally sensitive art that has social value, where conversation actively de-colonises and destigmatises everyday taboos in the Tamil community. 

What are the podcasts long term goals?

To continuously network within various Tamil industries, establish partnerships with artists, journalists, the Tamil cuisine industry, media platforms, wedding vendors and charities to spotlight the synergy between the Tamil culture and its nuances in today’s society.

What is my Identity? It's a question that we all seek to answer in our own ways throughout our lives. Each episode of Identity spotlights a different creative, some from the Tamil community and some from outside it, who will be chatting about how we take ownership of our narratives, art, politics and of course who we are. Catch these episodes of 'Identity'!

The Asian Other Tamil Podcast
London,  United Kingdom
We are Thanusha & Nishani, the hosts of the Asian Other … Tamil (AOT) podcast. A UK bas...
We are Thanusha & Nishani, the hosts of the Asian Other … Tamil (AOT) podcast. A UK bas...
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