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Sorru Vandis 101 - Tamil Body Positivity

This is a body positivity video discussing: self love, commentary from Tamil relatives, cosmetic surgery and Tamil movies.

My name is Vinsia and I want to talk about body positivity among the Tamil community. 

This is a topic that is rarely talked about in our community so I've tried to do a video in Tamil talking about negative commentary, cosmetic surgery, toxic energy from family and Tamil movies. 

Body positivity is a movement that includes bodies of all types, abilities and colours, and it's time that our community learns to respect each others' bodies without bashing each other.  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments here or on Youtube or with me on Instagram (@vinsia).

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This video is somewhat "aunty/uncle/amma/appa"-friendly, so share with your loved ones. (I know you have family Whatsapp groups) 

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