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Vinsia Maharajah
Photography & Video Canada
Visionary. Photographer. Visual Artist. Actor. Writer. Director. Storyteller.

I cannot imagine a world without art. I grew up signing out all the arts and crafts books I could carry from a local library when I was younger and watched Art Attack to learn how to create things. Even to this day, my mom would scold me for not cleaning up after my art projects. As I grew older, I focused on broadening my visual arts experiences but I also picked up photography, acting, and taught myself how to play with makeup and body painting. I started acting, directing and coordinating theatre performances for CanTYD (Canadian Tamil Youth Development) for their annual awards gala, and this was my main artistic outlet as I experimented with many others. I chose to go into photography because I wanted to understand why my maternal grandfather was addicted to photography, where he chased the civil war in Sri Lanka and eventually went missing. When I started incorporating my visual arts background into photography, I realized that the arts could intermix, and I haven't stopped experimenting since. I aspire to become an Art or Creative Director and take my creativity wherever I go. Currently, I am taking a break from photography to experiment with comedy, fashion design and visual art.
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