Home -Where Do I Belong? A Poetry Short
A Poetry In Motion Short Film about finding our place in this world
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I know of so many people, myself included, that struggle with the concept of 'home'. Where is home or who is home? Where is my place? As someone who was brought up in India but spent years studying in New York, it displaced my identity and made me question a lot of things. I always wondered if I belonged somewhere and where that was. I wanted to feel like I had a place to call my own but I didn't want to be restricted by it. So many of my friends also feel similar things and deal with such struggles in their journey.

This project began in December 2019 in trying to bring together two of my loves; acting and poetry and sew something that hopefully you will relate to. It's based on my thoughts, struggles, joy and pain in finding my place in this world; one that I know many of us deal with throughout our lives. Dedicated to the people who belong everywhere. Here's to finding our home.

Use headphones/earphones for a better experience. Available on IGTV (@samyuv08) and YouTube. Watch with subtitles on YouTube.

Written and Performed by Samyuktha Viswanathan
Directed by Krishnakumar Balasubramanian (KK)
Assistant Director: Gladwin Rajkumar
Music Composer: Jerry S Vincent
Editing and DI: Aravind Jagan
Special Thanks: Alex Mooteelall
Shot with iPhone
Shot in Chennai, India and New York City, USA


Samyuktha Viswanathan
Artist | -
Chennai,  India
Another brown Tamil girl with huge dreams, bent on breaking barriers and fighting unhel...
Another brown Tamil girl with huge dreams, bent on breaking barriers and fighting unhel...
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