Rajeev Kugan
I am an outgoing individual eager to build and grow with the people and communities around me. I like to take initiative and lead every opportunity I have been given to success!

The past few years of my life has been focussed on growth hacking in the startup space. Whether it be a fun Youtube venture of my own or a co-founded SaaS based product; It has helped me improve my leadership skills, polish my marketing efforts, keep me on the edge of new development stacks and overall help discover a driving entrepreneurial spirit within me.

I like to think of myself as the "jack of all trades" who can utilize various skill sets to get the job done. I am a techie who is up to speed with the latest design and development trends and apps that automate my day to day tasks to increase productivity.

My goal is to make a difference. Help build a rich and fun environment so that one day I can help change the landscape of the world we live in.

Life Motto: “Every pixel counts” – Rajeev Kugan
Rajeev Kugan
Aug 02
Rajeev Kugan
Jul 03
Rajeev Kugan
Mar 26
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comdu.it is a portmanteau of "community" and "conduit". We are a fast growing global...