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From Economic Development to Cultural Preservation
A journey to pass on ancient heritage.
Luckshmi Nirmalananda
Founder & CEO
United States
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As a first generation Sri Lankan Thamil growing up in LA, I’ve always had a passion for ancient cultures and traditions. Working in inclusive economic development with the Grameen Foundation among other NGOs (non-governmental organizations) allowed me to douse myself in an array of cultures as I lived and worked with very poor communities in remote parts of the world. My professional experiences coupled with my passion for world art, languages, and cultures inadvertently, and perhaps subconsciously, have been catalyzing the birth of The Heritage Supply Co.®. 

While working in Orissa, I had the opportunity to visit the tribal communities that have survived for thousands of years in modern India with their culture and language largely (and remarkably) intact. I remember thinking to myself how lucky to be observing the ancient world live in action. It was like chancing upon a rare, hidden gem. 

In my university and postgraduate development work in northeast Sri Lanka, my pursuit to help rebuild livelihoods and small businesses in Thamil communities became a reality. But, when a translator was required to communicate with my own people, I realized something was terribly wrong. After intensive practice and learning, I was again literate in Thamil and able to converse more and more fluently. 

Fast forward to twenty years and three children later, I was so keen for my children to know, appreciate, and embrace the richness of their Thamil identity, culture, and language. I wanted them to find joy and pride in their heritage in beautiful and playful ways. I also wanted them to relish and treasure other ancient cultures of the world firsthand before they ended up in museums. But, when I scanned the virtual and physical marketplaces of the US and Southasian subcontinent, they were absent of educational toys and resources that could teach my children anything of their culture and ancestral language or any ancient culture for that matter.

Something seriously had to change.

This December - after nearly two years of research and development - I launched The Heritage Supply Co., a company committed to preserving and passing on the knowledge, wisdom, and art of ancient and indigenous heritages. We bridge old world knowledge with new world designs to help your family build cultural literacy and pride, while giving kids engaging (and beautiful!) tools for learning heritage languages. 

Our first product collection is focused on children's educational toys and resources, grounded in South Asian traditions. Our puzzles, decals, and building blocks are all made with eco-friendly materials and manufactured according to ultimate safety standards.


THSC is a triple bottom line social enterprise, which means that our financial bottom line serves the grander mission of supporting indigenous communities in the resurrection and preservation of their heritage. Our products are also planet conscious, and inputs are sourced sustainably and eco-friendly.

If you’re interested in joining the movement to help preserve indigenous language and culture, like Thamil, in your home, please visit us here. Use code ‘TAMILCULTURE10’ at checkout for 10% off your first order! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram!  



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Luckshmi Nirmalananda
Founder & CEO | The Heritage Supply Co.
United States
Luckshmi is the Founding CEO of The Heritage Supply Co.®, a small business committed to...
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