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Supanki Kalanadan
@whatthepottu Researcher, lawyer Canada
I am a lawyer, mother and a passionate Thamizh enthusiast! I felt motivated to share my thoughts on language and culture after the birth of my son, as I would like him to also grow up appreciating his roots and traditions. I started a social media page @whatthepottu that explores Thamizh religious and cultural practices, often relating to social inequalities and its effects on Thamizh society today. I have also co-authored a children’s book, “Amutha Loves to Read”, which showcases the life of a Thamizh family living in the diaspora. The book explores important topics such as representation, colourism, and gender norms.

Also, I recently discovered that writing is my stress buster and I’m simply loving it!

அன்பென்று கொட்டு முரசே!
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