6 Things You Shouldn't Cheap Out On For Your Big Fat Tamil Wedding
Generally speaking, we Tamils love our big fancy weddings. Despite the stress and cost associated with them, the positives seem to outweigh those things and we continue to party on.
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Generally speaking, we Tamils love our big fancy weddings. Despite the stress and cost associated with them, the positives seem to outweigh those things and we continue to party on. If you're in the process of planning your wedding but want to be more budget conscious, here are some of the things our friends at Bimera Events suggest that you prioritize.


Your friends and family will be coming from all corners of the world to help you celebrate, and they'll be paying you to do this, so make sure you give them a great spot to enjoy the day with you and your partner.


This really doesn't need to be explained. People love a good meal so make sure you have a reputable caterer who will wow your guests with their amazing dishes.


After the vows, dancing, crazy family drama, and all that good stuff is out of the way, the images and film from your special day will keep you reminiscing about all the wonderful memories created for years to come. Ensuring that you have a great photographer/videographer is key to capturing the most intimate moments from your wedding day.

Hair and Makeup

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This is more specific to the brides. Traditional Tamil wedding outfits are stunning and you can't exactly wear them whenever you feel like it - for your special day go all out and get decked out.


Tamil people love to dance. Period. Please do not deprive your guests and make sure you have a great DJ who knows how to get the dance floor started.

Wedding Planner

Planning for a Tamil wedding can be a full-time job. And if you happen to be a busy professional, it can add a lot of stress to your life. This is where a wedding planner can really make your life easy. Some of the key benefits of working with one include:

-Cost savings: They can leverage their relationship with vendors to land deals and discounts for you.

-Vendor bookings/management: This can be one of the most time consuming aspects of wedding planning so having someone understand your requirements and manage the process is definitely a stress remover!

-Managing the day: You want your special day to be about enjoying your experience, not about logistics and event management. Having a wedding planner can really improve the day of your event drastically as you wouldn't have to worry about all the details and instead you can focus on enjoying all the memories you'll be creating!

You can reach out to an experienced wedding planner at Bimera Events to see how you can benefit from having one.

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