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Senthan Sanchayan
Stuck In Between Podcast Podcast Co-Host Australia
Senthan is a co-host of "Stuck In Between", a podcast started by two friends trying to make sense of the Eastern and Western worlds they're stuck in between. As second generation migrants, Senthan and co-host Romi, unpack the topics which their South Asian roots and Australian upbringing navigate differently and discuss how both cultures can learn from one another.

Our objective is to use our podcast as a platform to share our experiences and perspectives, learn from and share the knowledge of experts and bring light to stories that aren't widely known.

New episodes available every other Monday on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes so far:
1. Growing Up Ethnic
2. Relationships
3. South Asian Films & Gender Roles (w/ Meenaatchi Saverimuttu)
4. Mental Health (w/ Dr. Bhairi Pari & Special Guest)
5. Food
6. Self Love (w/ Janu Dhayanathan) - **out March 1st**
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