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Though marriage is the union between two people, it usually takes the efforts of a whole team of people to put a wedding together. Clichéd or not, the team leader is usually the bride, which means that if guys think their girlfriend or fiancée can get stressed easily, just wait until she starts planning for the big day!
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Though marriage is the union between two people, it usually takes the efforts of a whole team of people to put a wedding together. Clichéd or not, the team leader is usually the bride, which means that if guys think their girlfriend or fiancée can get stressed easily, just wait until she starts planning for the big day!

In order to avoid sleepless nights, contemplating murder and temptations to just scream at the top of your lungs, it is of utmost importance to plan ahead. Simple as this thought may seem, there is actually a lot of work that goes into it. Let’s start with a basic list of things that you would benefit from arranging ahead of time:

  • Venue
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Decor companies
  • Sending out invitations/save the dates
  • Booking priests (if you’re having a religious ceremony)
  • Booking hair dressers and make-up artists
  • Wedding clothes for the bride and groom and wedding party
  • Jewelry

Now these may seem like a lot to some people and barely scratching the surface to others, depending on how you envision your special day. The items above represent the things that you will be competing with other couples for, and therefore the things you need to take care of soon after you’ve chosen a wedding date. I know many people who are not ready to deal with the stress themselves and would rather book a wedding planner.

The Pros and Cons of Booking a Wedding Planner

This may not be the most cost effective choice for many couples, who opt out of having their parents  pay for their weddings. In addition, you risk having unwanted surprises. I’ve heard of horror stories that involve wedding planners who decide to inform the wedding parties of last minute things that needed to be done – during the wedding! That being said, if you do your homework, the person or persons that you pick can go above and beyond to make sure your day is as beautiful as you envisioned it. Going with wedding planners is probably one of the best choices for present day brides and grooms. Most people are busy with work and life, so why not hire someone whose full time job is to take care of the nitty gritty that accompanies wedding planning? Another bonus, wedding planners usually have industry connections. They can be the deciding factor in booking your ideal venue for your desired date,  ensuring there is enough alcohol at the bar, or snagging that photographer you’ve seen take so many beautiful photos.

When to do it on Your Own

There are some things,  that cannot be done by a wedding planner. Such as picking out and purchasing your wedding outfits. Many who wear sarees end up sending a family member to India to hand pick certain designs while others, who don’t have that luxury, scour the many stores in their area to find that perfect style. Once the bride has her saree, her mother, mother-in-law, sisters/cousins and all other family members have to go out and find their own perfect outfits. And then there’s the groom and all the boys still waiting on their wedding day clothing. And to top it all off, blouses and alterations need to be made and jewelry has to be bought beforehand. This may seem like a lot and it can be, but again, planning ahead can make all the difference. Shopping for sarees and wedding outfits can be a time consuming ordeal on its own, but when done in combination with the stress of deadlines can be a major role in wedding-planning stress. Therefore, taking the time to go shopping one weekend at a time as soon as you pick a date, or even a month, can make a big difference. Buying jewelry in advance also has amazing advantages; gold prices steadily increase, whether or not it is wedding season. So take advantage of the current prices, and buy the essentials you will need for your big day.



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Attending wedding shows can be a very beneficial experience for brides and their grooms. It is a very hands-on and in-your-face experience where attendees are able to access everything they will need for their wedding under one roof.  The interactions with vendors are on a more personal level: you are able to take a look at sarees and outfits without having the pressure of store owners wanting you to buy one. You can see photographers' portfolios and see the final product of a decor company’s themed set-up. Of course, the highlight of any wedding show is their fashion segment, where models take to the run-way in the season’s newest trends in South Asian fashion. Even if you don’t wear sarees or lengha suits, the show itself is something of an experience. It is one of the few elements of a wedding show where attendees and vendors stand side-by-side and simply enjoy themselves.

How you approach planning for your wedding is completely within your control. Just remember, the most important thing is to do all you can ahead of time. Make sure that the weeks leading up to your wedding are spent fine tuning details and being excited!

Happy planning!
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