BE YOUR OWN FRIEND : Mental Health Tips
In this vertical video that was made for a Mental Health panel on @headedsomewear I discuss getting help outside of your friends and family, including my personal experiences with counselling. If you have any questions, or would like me to discuss any other topics, I will be more than happy to! Contact me by using the 'Message' button on my TC profile.
Vinsia Maharajah
Creative Director
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Counselling tips 

  • They're professionals, don't worry about judgement
  • Many free or affordable walk-in services available

Apps that have helped me with healthy habit building

  • Aloebud (tracking habits, thoughts etc)
  • Plant Nanny (Water)
  • MyFitnessPal (Tracking the food I eat)


Please share this with friends and family! Thank you.



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Vinsia Maharajah
Creative Director
Visionary. Photographer. Visual Artist. Actor. Writer. Director. Storyteller. I cann...
Visionary. Photographer. Visual Artist. Actor. Writer. Director. Storyteller. I cann...
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