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Stefan Thurairatnam
LuxVision Media Group Inc Luxury Content Creator Canada
I am a Toronto raised, Sri Lankan luxury content creator. I studied in graphic designing and I have always taken an interest in photography. From a young age, travelling always appealed to me. As I grew older, and would travel with my friends and family, I would spend time capturing moments and photographing everything. Photography and travelling were always my passion, and my journey into the world of content creation began almost 3 years ago.

I was working for a leading financial institution for 5 years when some life altering events gave me a different perspective on life. It allowed me the chance to revaluate and reflect on my life; I was given a second chance. I was given an opportunity to become an ambassador for Luxury World Traveler and I decided to quit my 9-5 corporate job and book a one-way flight to wherever my finger landed on a spun globe. That was 3 years ago. Through the help and guidance from Gill himself, the founder from Luxury World Traveler, I was able to build myself to who I am today. I turned my passion into my lifestyle. Through my learnings and experiences, I have successfully started my own marketing and social media consulting, LuxVision Media Group.
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