The UK’s Most Popular Tamil Make-Up Artist


Meet our instagrammer of the month, Vithya of Vithya Hair And Makeup from London. With thousands of Instagram and Facebook followers and back to back client bookings, she’s easily the most sought after Tamil make-up artist in the UK. Here she talks about how she got into the beauty industry and some of the challenges she faced.

Since the age of 12 I used to look at magazines or music videos and try and re-create the look on myself or others. I have always loved make up, and art.
Vithya with her own makeup and hair.

Coming from a traditional Tamil family, becoming a beautician or anything creative was not an option, so I went to University and graduated with a combined honours degree in Biology and Psychology. I wanted to become a clinical Psychologist, instead I went to London College of Fashion where I pursued my dreams as a Hair and Make Up artist.

It took me nearly 6 years to make a name for myself. I am self-employed now and specialise in Bridal make up mainly. I am proud to say that I am an established artist within the Tamil community all over Europe. I worked for M.A.C cosmetics for nearly 3 years, and also did various projects with the National Portrait Gallery, British Airways, OK Magazine, Nintendo, Next Retail, short movies, and even did make up on Tamil celebrities like Simbu, and DD (Coffee with DD),Sneha and Prasanna.

Vithya with Tamil actress Sneha.

Vithya working with Tamil actor Simbu.

I love my job; it is so rewarding. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for my fans on Facebook ( and Instagram (@vithyahairandmakeup). They are all so good to me! My future plan would be to get into the movie industry, so fingers crossed!

One of Vithya's models.

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3 thoughts on “The UK’s Most Popular Tamil Make-Up Artist

  1. Upon trips to the motherland, I’m always struck by the stark contrast between young Tamil women in the diaspora and Tamil women back home. Both populations are of the same generic stock. Yet diaspora Tamil women seemingly are far more physically attractive than Tamil women back home.
    The difference, of course, lies entirely in makeup, clothes, grooming, personal hygiene, diet, exercise, style, presentation and hair straighteners. And in the today’s narcissistic social media world of “look at me” selfies, young Tamil women are far more image and appearance-conscious than ever before. All of this has contributed to enhancing Tamil women’s physical beauty – undoubtedly a net positive for society as beautiful women bring pleasure to all.
    Yet there are certain aspects in which diaspora Tamil women are outclassed by their sisters in the motherland. I do think Tamil women back home possess a certain warmth, tenderness and soft femininity that is often absent among young Tamil women raised in the Western world.
    For many Tamil men, the ideal is a woman with the outer beauty of a Tamil woman here and the inner beauty of a Tamil woman back home. Any woman can go from a 6 to an 8 with a proper understanding of style and presentation. While outer beauty is easy to fix, inner beauty is much harder to change.

  2. Pandit And for women, the ideal is a man with less regressive attitude like the western men with a higher morality like the the eastern men.Both these are inner qualities…harder to change….cannot be fixed .

  3. I think Vithya is a very excellent talented make up artist
    But I think she as many people on social media sites suffer from narcissistic disorders where they have to self promote and use social media to validate themselves. She was in an interview on how she suffered severe depression about her low self esteem and her looks and tried to commit suicide. That in itself shows she has psychological issues – unfortunately narcissistic personality disorder is something that takes many decades to resolve and I am certain if anything instagram and other social media sites have given this girl a platform to show and excite that narcissistic side
    The sad issue here is that despite the fact that she is good at her job she is promoting also herself which is 1) jealousy inducing image crafting and hence narcissistic and spreading a bad image to Tamils and the other young generation who see her as a role model

    this shows a lack of humility
    No one wants or needs to know who she is getting married to or when or whether she has her feet and hands or even bikini waxed – that honestly is private matter that is best kept to herself

    It’s easy to put on a facade about how happy you are in life and hide all your dirty marks- this is why I am not on social media but also why I will never believe the true side of a person looking at what they post on social media
    Also posting 40k people to thank them for their support and then waffle on about your divorce is just attention craving and another way to portray that narcissistic side

    Ps. Vithya will probably think this is from a jealous fan. Actually I’ve been really inspired by your work but my hobby is psychological research and you are the prime example of narcissism which is what I’m trying to explain here. (This comment will probably get deleted)

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