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Rajeev Kugan: Blackberry KEY 2 Review

I did my best to honestly review the Blackbery KEY2.

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy the Blackberry KEY2 and 5 reasons why I returned the Blackberry KEY2, after 3 weeks of testing it!

3 Reasons to get a BLACKBERRY KEY2

  • Form Factor on the KEY2 is AWESOME.
  • KEY2 Keyboard is like the legendary Passport Keyboard.
  • KEY2 is built for business.


5 Reasons NOT to get the Blacbkerry KEY2

  • KEY2 Keyboard is not practical.
  • KEY2 Camera is a Fail and KEY2 Dual Lens is a Fail.
  • KEY2 OS slows down.
  • KEY2 is not powerful.
  • Blackberry lacks innovation.


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