Palm Roots 2018 Raises $21,500!
On November 4th, I hosted my 5th annual photography-based fundraiser “Palm Roots,” in collaboration with Ideal Group. The event united photographers from across the world to promote positive change for the Tamil community in North/East Sri Lanka through Art.
Jananie Baskaran
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Palm Roots 2018 supported a new project initiated by Miracle Family Care (MFC), a well-known non-profit organization based in Toronto who have been supporting the development and well-being of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka for many years. MFC is currently working on developing a few training facilities in various regions of North and East Sri Lanka. Palm Roots, with the support of Ideal Group, has agreed to provide the financial support required for one of these training facilities in Pudhukudiyiruppu (Mullaitivu). This facility will provide Computer Science and English courses for students in the region with a focus on supporting students with physical disabilities.

Palm Roots 2018 was executed with the support of entrepreneurs and artists from different sectors. The event commenced with a beautiful instrumental medley by Bhranavi Arul (on flute), Bharradhi Mathivasan (on Keyboard) and the VeenaThambaps, made up of Aathy & Aara Thambiappah (on Veena). A gourmet touch was added to the event by Chef Ramanaa and his team, who catered to everyone’s needs and provided a live food station throughout the event. Pak Selvarajah and David Billa, the MCs, made sure everyone was having a great time (including a lot of laughs) while bidding for the exhibited photos. The event featured photographers from Toronto, London (UK), Colombo, Chennai and Mumbai. Attendees witnessed a display of 20 outstanding photos shot all around Sri Lanka and India, bringing back memories from everyone’s childhood and motivated many to visit their homeland and become actively involved in the development of their community.

A trip for two to Miami, courtesy of VMS Travels, was also raffled off towards the end of the event. “We are honored to be supporting Palm Roots for the last 4 years. We would like to congratulate the Founder Jananie Baskaran, who has been dedicating her time and showcasing her exemplary photography skillsand being innovative to raise funds by auctioning her work to help the Children in the Northern Part of Sri Lanka.” says Krishna Vigneswaran, Director of VMS Travels. 

Prior to the event, Ideal Group announced its pledge to match-fund the amount raised at the end of the night. An amount of $18,800 was announced as the final amount raised for the evening, after being matched by Ideal. Following the event, I continued to receive donations leading to a grand total of $21,500.  My vision of celebrating collaboration between Tamil artists, entrepreneurs and businesses for the betterment of the Tamil community was brought to life with the support of everyone involved. 

List of photographers featured at Palm Roots 2018

  1. Ashanti Omkar (London, UK)
  2. Bremen Siva (Chennai, IN)
  3. Charles Prithvi Raj (Chennai, IN)
  4. EM Photography (Toronto, CA)
  5. Jananie Baskaran (Toronto, CA)
  6. Jenson Singarajah (Chennai, IN)
  7. Joshua Karthik (Mumbai, IN)
  8. Kalainithan Kalaichelvan (Toronto, CA)
  9. Len Theivendra (Toronto, CA)
  10. Muhunthan Sathasivam (Toronto, CA)
  11. Mohammed Firos (Colombo, SL)
  12. Myuri Thiruna (Toronto, CA)
  13. Nivetha Sivaranjan (Toronto, CA)
  14. Pratheepan Baskaran (Toronto, CA)
  15. Srivatsan Srinivasan (Chennai, IN)
  16. Supendra Chandrakumar (Toronto, CA)
  17. Sugeevan Shan (Toronto, CA)
  18. Vinopa Sivakumar (Toronto, CA)
  19. Yaalini Ilankumaran (London, UK)

Sponsors and supporters of the event:

  1. IDEAL Group
  2. Chef Ramanaa
  3. Ninaivukal
  4. StageWorx Corporation
  5. TamilCulture
  6. Tamil Entertainment Television (TET HD)
  7. Untouchable Sound Crew (USC)
  8. VMS Travels
  9. VM Images
Jananie Baskaran
Photographer & Founder of Palm Roots
Photographer & Founder of Palm Roots
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