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“நானும் தமிழ் தான்” (Nannum Thamizh Thaan): Global Search to Celebrate Thamizh Diversity
What if we told you that there’s a simple Thamizh children’s book that both children and adults can enjoy, whether you know Thamizh or not?
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Our first book in the series, அமுதா Loves to Read, is aimed at being the first of a Thamizh children’s book series that is accessible, relatable and inclusive in a world where representation matters. In launching our promotional video, we wanted to celebrate the diversity of global Thamizhs,  so this is a call out to submit a short clip saying “நானும் தமிழ் தான்” (Nannum Thamizh Thaan)!

Meet Amutha. She’s the 6-year-old Thamizh girl in the picture. She’s curious, fun and ready to break through barriers to help you have healthy conversations with your family. And oh..she loves to read!  She was brought to life by three Thamizh friends (that’s us!) who believed that the world needed her. We realized that Thamizh children deserve a friend (just as vibrant and rich as Arthur and Dora were when we were growing up) who they could relate to and learn from. 

Our first book in the series, அமுதா Loves to Read, is aimed at being the first of a Tamil children’s book series that is accessible, relatable and inclusive in a world where representation matters. As a community, we are accustomed to accepting that our books are not on par with English books. We rarely make them with the intent that young children will read them so very few are even durable enough for young hands and written simply enough for them to understand.   Also, for the Tamil books that do exist, our kids see amma making dosas in sarees and appa reading a newspaper in vetti. While it's wonderful if that is your experience, most often than not, things are not so traditional in this fast-paced world where parents have to work collaboratively to raise their children.  So, we want to showcase the realistic experiences of people living in the diaspora along with tackling issues of gender norms, colourism, intergenerational bonding, etc. Why does that matter? Children are influenced by what they see and read in books especially at young ages and we want to help reinforce a relatable view of Thamizh culture that they can embrace in their own lives.

Books are powerful.  The ability to print books and disseminate information was a game-changer in the last millennium but as Thamizhs in the diaspora we've often relied on English books to teach and entertains often because of availability of Thamizh books.  We at Amutha Learns want to change that, especially for our children.   We want to celebrate Thamizh’s rich past, the diversity of global Thamizhs and take it to the future. Our book will be launching in January during Thamizh Heritage Month (more details to follow). Hence, we wanted to do a global search for individuals to be part of our promotional video to show the diversity of Thamizh.  We want it to be inclusive as possible so for all those that connect to being Thamizh, we're looking for a clip from you.  We are asking you to submit a short clip.  

Here is what we need from you:

Submit a clip (within 10-seconds) in this order:

  • Hello in the language of the country you’re living in (e.g. English, French, German, etc).
  • Your Name
  • Name of the country you’re living in
  • Say “நானும் தமிழ் தான்” (Nannum Thamizh Than)! 


  • Must be shot ina landscape orientation (wider than taller view)
  • Video resolution must be at least 1080p (e.g. videos shot using Apple iPhone 10, Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy S20)
  • Frame of the video should be from the chest up (make sure your head is not cut off)
  • Leave a second of silence before and after your recording

Please send in your submission to by Dec 5, 2020. 

To learn more about our project:

Message us via our TC profile here.







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