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Love at First Swipe - A Modern Tamil Tale
A Tamil short film by T-Factory entertainment!
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After a successful Montreal premiere on June 25th, Love at First Swipe is ready for the Youtube world! Call it T-Factory Entertainment's most ambitious project starring the names like CJ Germany, Waishnavi, Thusy Suntharam and many more. "Love at First Swipe" is a modern romance tale of Varun (CJ Germany) and Aadhavi (Waishnavi) who are seeking to find their soulmates on online dating platforms. Can we find true love on those dating apps? 

We are living in a golden era for dating. It has never been this easy and hard at the sametime to find your soulmate. We simply have a lot of options when it comes to finding a date. But at the same time, we have so many options that we become indecisive on who's our perfect match. This modern dating paradox triggered the imagination of the writer/director Thusy Suntharam to come up with an interesting story. The project definitely got bigger in scale when CJ Germany was roped in for the lead role.

For many years, Thusy and CJ Germany wanted to work on a project together but it just never materialized. After so many story discussions, they finally decided to go with Love at First Swipe's script. The story had all of the essential elements for a typical movie-goer. It had romance, drama and comedy. They believed it would be the apt choice for their first time collaboration. Also, Love at First Swipe marks the debut in short films for CJ Germany. Apart from acting, he was fully involved in the project from the beginning stage. He is a director's delight.  

After Avalum Naanum, this is the fourth time T-Factory is collaborating with the talented actress Waishnavi. She played the role of Aadhavi in this romantic flick. She did an outstanding performance in the emotional scenes. Most notably, her performance in "the carromboard scene" will be the highlight in this short film. She has a bright future in the acting world. 

We had the opportunity to work with Toronto's very own Kolan Shan in this film. He did the cinematography for this project and brought the film's visual quality to a whole new level. It was an honour working with one of the top cinematographers in our Tamil Diaspora. The advance screening audience labelled the film as a visual treat! A thorough professional yet fun person to work with! The editing of the film was provided by Thibz Se. He was the man behind most of T-Factory's short films starting from Avalum Naanum. He meticulously cut the film and provided the much needed transition effects and visual effects. Sharmika Beauty provided the make up and styling for CJ Germany and Waishnavi. An outstanding make up artist! Kawtham T. took care of the promotional poster materials which garnered huge positive attention from the media and public. 

Finally, this short film wouldn't have happened without the production manager and assistant director Thiviya T. (Reel Life Victim of Tamil Cinema fame) who worked tirelessly on the making of this project. Special thanks to myTamildate and SM Dance Crew for sponsoring this short film. 

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Thusy Suntharam
Hey there! Just a budding filmmaker wanting to share stories with you all!
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