Jessica Jesudasan Chats About The Impact of the Tamil-Canadian Vote With Marci Ien & Malliha Wilson
'TC Talks' host Jessica Jesudasan chats with Marci Ien and Malliha Wilson about Marci's decision to shift to federal politics after a career in journalism and broadcasting, and the impact of the Tamil vote.
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The live event took place on Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 10AM EST and discussions include addressing systemic racism, how immigrant communities like the Tamil community will be aided during and post-pandemic and much more!

About Marci Ien:

Marci Ien is a devoted Toronto community leader and journalist who has dedicated her life to providing a voice for those who need it most. She was born and raised in Toronto, where she lives with her children Blaize and Dash, and has seen firsthand the opportunities and challenges our city faces. As the Liberal candidate for Toronto Centre, Marci will work closely with Justin Trudeau to build a better Canada and ensure that everyone in our community has a real and fair chance at success.

About Malliha Wilson:

Ontario’s Assistant Deputy Attorney General from 2008-2016, a litigator with an impressive career served the Ontario Government from 1987-2017. Up until September 30th, 2017 her service in the provincial Government took the form of Special Counsel for the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario.She is currently Senior Counsel at Nava Wilson LLP.

About the host, Jessica Jesudasan:

Jessica is an employment lawyer and freelance journalist. She has experience advising clients in a broad range of workplace issues including wrongful dismissal, discipline and performance management, employment standards, accommodation and disability management, harassment and discrimination, workplace mental health, workplace privacy and confidentiality obligations, human rights, workplace policies and procedures, workplace investigations, occupational health and safety and collective bargaining. Jessica has assisted senior counsel at all stages of the litigation and dispute resolution process. 


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TC is a community platform that helps you discover Tamil Thinkers, Creators and Doers.
TC is a community platform that helps you discover Tamil Thinkers, Creators and Doers.
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