How to Become a Pianist
Are you an aspiring pianist? Are you seeking tips to build the initial foundations to become a great pianist? Even though I haven’t achieved pop stardom, I am an up and coming pianist who would like to bestow my words of wisdom.
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Are you an aspiring pianist? Are you seeking tips to build the initial foundations to become a great pianist? Even though I haven’t achieved pop stardom, I am an up and coming pianist who would like to bestow my words of wisdom.

I am fortunate to have been exposed to music from a young age. When I first saw a Steinway grand piano, I knew it was love at first sight.I have been playing the piano ever since. I completed grade 10 with the Royal Conservatory of Music and pre-qualified for my ARCT examinations. In addition, I play the guitar, clarinet, and violin.

Now let’s get to the details to help you achieve your dreams. The top 10 pianos in chronological order are as follows:

1. Steinway& Sons
2. Bosendorfer
3. Yamaha
4. Baldwin
5. Mason and Hamlin
6. Kawai
7. Stewart & Sons
8. Charles Walter
9. Bechstein
10. Fazioli

Steinway & Sons is considered the best piano in the world. It was created in 1853 by Henry Steinway. The Bosendorfer was born in Vienna in 1828 and is a popular choice for grand pianos. Yamaha is the most commonly used piano due its affordability. Baldwin was created in the United States and supplies many of the keyboards and pianos across North America. Mason and Hamlin is another US based manufacturer and established its name since 1883.

Kawai is a popular Japanese brand and is well known for manufacturing both acoustic and digital pianos. Stewart & Sons is on the higher end of the spectrum due to its intricate handcrafting work. Charles Walter is another US manufactured instrument and can be customized based on the pianist’s preferences. Due to the high quality of wood used to create this piano, they can be passed down for generations. Bechstein pianos are more likely used by concert pianists or artists in recording studios (ie. Elton John, Beatles etc.). This German make is available as upright or grand pianos. Fazioli is a more recent brand of pianos created in Italy in 1978. This brand specializes in creating the largest grand pianos in the world.

Let me give a quick Piano 101 tutorial. There are 4 categories of pianos:

1. Digital pianos
2. Upright
3. Baby Grand
4. Grand
Personally, I prefer the last three categories. It is a truly sensational feeling when you play the traditional piano with the ivory keys. Upright pianos are more conducive to any household. Grand pianos are considered the epitome for musicians, and the sound quality and timbre is breathtaking. Digital pianos are mostly preferred by amateur musicians sans the hefty cost.

Here are my tips for purchasing a piano:

1. Get familiarized with the different brands of pianos by doing your research online.
2. Visit different piano showrooms and perform a cost comparison based on your financial needs.
3. Ensure that sound quality of the instrument is up to par (if you are a newbie bring someone who is familiar with the piano to help inspect the instrument).

Keep in mind that my tips for purchasing a piano are not exhaustive.This is why I highly recommend doing your research online and seeking guidance from other musicians or different music stores. Here is a list of a few piano stores across the Greater Toronto Area to help:

1. Walters
2. Long and McQuade
3. Remenyi
4. Robert Lowery’s Piano Experts
5. Toronto Piano Group

Ever heard the phrase Rome wasn’t built in a day? To become a pianist is a gradual process and you need to embody music. The secret to success is practice, practice, and more practice as my music teacher used to tell me. This has been forever ingrained in my mind. Playing the piano is not an easy feat, and I recommend investing in a good piano teacher. A good teacher will help build the foundation for you to become a great pianist.

Interested in hearing a sample of my music? Take a look at a few more of my piano videos below and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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