KULAPADI, a lighthearted, "mostly" family-friendly, entertainment page, was started by Vinsia in October 2018.

The word Kulapadi means "mischievous," or "trouble-maker" and stems from the word "kulappam" which means disruption. Many Tamil parents would call their misbehaving children Kulapadi, to the point were some kids would think it's a second name for them.

KULAPADI was a word used in a negative light, but now, Vinsia hopes to encourage people to embrace their inner kulapadi, and be silly and in the moment from time to time.

About the creator : Vinsia is currently a Creative Director, Photographer, Creator and more! She spends most of her time thinking of ideas, puns, and the rest of it daydreaming about TR and Gaptain. Follow her creative journey (@vinsia - instagram), and follow her entertainment journey (@kulapadi - instagram)

Currently, kulapadi is open to promotional projects, taking bookings for stand-up comedy sets, and fun, collaborative projects. Email : kulapadimgmt@gmail.com

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