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Daringly Caring is Solving a Long-Standing Issue Among Frontline Workers
Daringly Caring is taking the lead to solve poor mental health among frontline workers. It was time to take charge because for decades there has been a lack of sufficient and sustainable programming.
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Hello folks! 

My name is Srimathanky Srikugan. I am a nursing student, innovator, and entrepreneur. 

As a kid I was always excited to learn new things and was inspired by my mom's entrepreneurship. I carried forward in my heart, the inspiration of my mother’s compassion as I appreciated the genuine care she provided for people.

I completed my HBSc at the University of Toronto in 2020. I then took a gap year before pursuing my BScN. During this gap year, I did some research with the following question in mind: are we caring for the caretakers? It seems like there is not adequate care being provided, as can be seen with the following examples: nearly 40% of nurses say they feel a high degree of burnout and that this leads to patient mistakes and 1 in 3 Canadian physicians screen positive for depression.

Daringly Caring started with the intention to provide compassionate care to frontline workers as the following problems were observed:

1. The lack of mental health trainings in education curriculum among schools and workplaces for frontline workers and students.

2. The lack of long-term sustainable wellness programming in workplaces for frontline workers.

These unfair social issues mentioned above made me very passionate to tackle this problem in a creative way. 

What is one of our proposed solutions (yess...I said "one of our" because we are also in the processing of developing technology to combat the mentioned social issues)?

We are launching our first product which is a customizable journal that can act as a companion, reinforce positive habits, and foster a sense of gratitude. 

Daringly Caring is on the mission to provide self-care tools geared towards good mental health. 

You can learn more about Daringly Caring and our products through the following website:

Feel free to also follow us on Instgram:

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Srimathanky Srikugan
Founder | Daringly Caring
Innovator, Entrepreneur, Lifelong Learner. Compassionate, Empathetic, Passionate.
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