Toronto Tamils Vs. London Tamils – Which City Wins?


Toronto (Canada) and London (UK) are great cities to live in. They’re both major financial centres, offer relatively high standards of living, have a vibrant social culture and are home to a large number of Tamils. Given all these similarities, I wonder how they would measure up against one another.

Does one city have a distinct edge over the other? Let’s compare a few totally subjective pros and cons about each city and you get to decide which one wins! Use the tool at the bottom of this article to cast your vote.

The Accent

Toronto Tamils sound like this

And London Tamils sound like this

Which accent would you rather have and listen to on a regular basis?

The Politics

Here’s Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford admitting to smoking crack along with some other things.

And here’s London’s mayor Boris Johnson getting stuck on a zipline.

Who would you rather have as the face and personality of your city?

The Weather

These are the 4 seasons experienced by Toronto Tamils.


These are the 4 seasons experienced by London Tamils.


Where can your hair and attire maintain optimal hotness?

The Architecture

Toronto Tamils get to gaze upon these well known landmarks (and a phallic symbol?):


London Tamils get to enjoy the sight of this well known landmark (also happens to be a phallic symbol?):

the gherkin

Which of these erections (get your mind out of the gutter) would you rather look at day in and day out?

The Sports

Toronto Tamils will deprive themselves of sleep, break up with boyfriends and girlfriends if they have to and even quit their jobs if necessary- all to watch this sport:


London Tamils have a similar sentiment towards this national love:


Which would you rather watch – men in skates or men in knee highs?

Now that you’re equipped with the above completely scientific facts – which city would you pick as the winner? Toronto or London? Cast your vote below!

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One thought on “Toronto Tamils Vs. London Tamils – Which City Wins?

  1. I’ve noticed that Tamils from London sound more “British” than Tamils from Toronto sound “Canadian”.
    Tamils from Britain sound very posh and refined, while a lot of Tamils in Toronto (even the ones born here) have that quasi ghetto-FOB accent that brown kids who only hang out with other brown kids tend to have.
    Is this because Tamils in Toronto live in enclaves where they’re only surrounded by brown people, while Tamils in London live in diverse neighborhoods where they’re more exposed to native Brits?

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