Sorry Tamil Parents, Your Kids Are Not Waiting Until Marriage To Have Sex


Sex. Such a taboo word and topic in the Tamil community and one that is seldom openly discussed, even amongst friends. It’s not surprising that this is the case given that our culture still promotes the one partner for life rule, no dating until your parents decide they want you out of the house by getting married and the absolute no-no when it comes to pre-marital sex. The reality is, talking about sex is important regardless of what your individual views might be around the topic. When the conversation is completely dismissed and ignored, people don’t effectively learn what it means to have a healthy and pleasurable sex life and what precautions should be taken when being sexually active.

In an effort to understand the sexual behaviour and attitudes of young Tamils today, an anonymous survey was conducted with random respondents, mainly residing in Toronto, via an online survey. 19 Males and 19 Females, fairly evenly split between the ages of 18-35, participated. Of course, the sample size is very small and the study is informal, so interpret the results accordingly. Here’s what the survey shows:

  • Most Tamils are having sex before marriage (58%)
  • Tamil females engage in pre-marital sex more than Tamil males (74% of our female respondents had pre-marital sex, whereas  42% of males indicated the same)
  • The average number of partners for Tamil females who had engaged in pre-marital sex was 3
  • The average number of partners for Tamil males who had engaged in pre-marital sex was 5
  • More female respondents over 24 had engaged in pre-marital sex than male respondents over 24

So what? This informal study just shows that the attitudes and behaviour of young Tamils towards pre-marital sex may not be what the community and parents expect, which is not a bad thing. It simply means that we need to be open-minded to the changing values in the community and have the necessary conversations to ensure that we promote a healthy approach when it comes to sex. Because whether you like it or not, your kids are doing it and potentially with multiple partners.

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26 thoughts on “Sorry Tamil Parents, Your Kids Are Not Waiting Until Marriage To Have Sex

  1. LOL. Why is this surprising? Girls would definitely have had sex before guys. See in the Jungle few alpha lions would gain access to all female lions. The rest of the male lions would stay single. Remember Ramar’s father Thasaradan had 1000 wives. Powerful men get sex. Problem is power doesn’t stay with one person for long. In high school gangster boys are alpha males but in adulthoods, the nerds become alpha males with wealth. Now will the alpha male nerd wants to have some left over from his arch nemesis, gangster boys?
    Vazhkai oru vattam dan. Inga thokuravan jeypan, Jeykuravan Thoppan- Vijay in thirumalai.

  2. The true test of a group’s variety and time is the amount of risk they take. The higher the risk the wider the expansion of influence. The more free an individual the higher the reaping of range and depth. “Sex is good, sex is fine, doggy style or 69, just for fun or getting paid, everyone loves getting laid.” Sex is beautiful when it’s desired, it’s sad to inhibit this experience for many. Especially for women, have as much sex as your heart desires.

  3. It is an interesting article. Altough it states what most people know, but don’t talk about (ergo the taboo) And for me it dosen’t aks or answer the relevant questions like:  

    “Why is it taboo to talk about sex?”, 

    “Why does it bring more shame on a family if a girl is not a virgin compared to a guy?”

    “How does the Tamil youth adress these issues given that they have sex but don’t talk about it?” 

    It could be interesting to compare western peoples sex patterns with the Tamil youth and see if there is a difference.

  4. There are still a huge number of us who value the sanctity of marriage. You are intelligent and you expect to marry someone who is intelligent. I am chaste. So what is wrong with me expecting to marry someone who is chaste?Celibacy is key to tamil culture.

    Being a virgin nowadays makes you special, it’s like being a unicorn’ ..
    You shouldn’t lose your virginity before marriage. partners.Virginity is the most precious gift you can give to another Human being.Nowadays if you aren’t carrying and STD or don’t have multiple sex partners people think you are a loser..,Virgin girls/guys are so precious

    It’s our culture to save ourselves for our husband/wives 
    The majority of hindu women same to keep their virginities 

    My sisters are very beautiful and attractive. They are all still virgins 

    i’m proud of all asian people who migrate but try their best to preserve their culture… and not imitate americans or british etc 

    I am very proud of my sisters… that they are decent, respectable… and they keep their chastity and purity until they have their husbands. 

    Do you think i would feel good if my sisters married a man who is unclean ? Who gave himself to other women before marriage ? 

    Tamils are morally scrupulous, save themselves for marriage, understand the proper relation between men and women, understand courtship practices, and participate in arranged marriages. Western people, conversely, just sleep around, get married and divorced – in short they don’t take relationships seriously. So there is this perception that may have need to be negotiated.

    The best thing about Tamil culture is that both men and women preserve themselves and stay virgins for their future partner.. whom they are yet to meet…and probably years after. They lose virginity to their partner only and stay together forever. Remaining virgin is a choice. A choice made to show the ultimate love and respect for their future partner… regardless of how he/she looks, does, where they come from, what they do etc… This is also ultimate self control. If you can control yourself and remain virgin till you get married then you will find it easier to be with the one you are married to. Simple logic. Applied by both men and women. 

    For you, sex is just a physical contact which fulfilling your body needs. but for us sex is love. its a bond between the life partners. we want to be special for particular person whoever she may be. 

    If virginity is not makes the girl/guy special then what makes the girl special for you? 
    if your answer is heart means, are you sure your wife loving you only for entire life after moving for some other.? 

    Sex matters… since sex tells you how one can be close enough to a person… having sex with multiple partners / having had sex with multiple partners means thats… One can be close to so many people which disqualifies them for monogamy relationships.

    in your point of view even if a girl says to her husband that she had sex before marriage, her husband who has been upholding virtues taught to him should to say to her Its ok?? i think that might not be possible here !!! because we people here are not like westeners !!

    ‘How many Tamil girls have sex before marriage ? 
    The answer varies depends on her IQ , if its easy to trick women into having sex then they will have a lot of sex and blame their stupidity on Beta Provider . 

    See “Getting used by men is not a cheap mentality” but Marrying a virgin is “Cheap mentality” 
    You are suppose to Judge 
    see Low IQ leads to lower Impulse Control and sex before marriage , I mean Girls marry at age of 25-30 if she is not a virgin then what does it mean ? she is stupid , she gives away her vagina like that . Stop giving respect to these , and stop asking for their approval. 

    People are so obsessed with following Western Culture. With time they are slowly but steadily becoming from bad to worse. The mass acceptance of evil concepts are becoming so ingrained in them that those evils have lost their identity as evils now. The yardstick for gauging good and bad is slowly getting lost till we will reach a point when no bad things will be considered bad and no good things will be praised.

    Its not just about virginity.. i think we will have problems regarding their past love affairs even if it didnt result into sex.. its not just about us, nobody would want to hear about their parents sexual adventures either.. when we think about our parents we would feel uncomfortable about their first love, second love or third love..

    Same way, if a man has premarital sex, I expect him to be upfront with any girl/woman who is his prospective wife. I do not want a non-virgin man to marry a virgin girl. 

    By repeating my words, I hope people get my message drilled into their heads. 

    I prefer non-virgins to marry only non-virgins; but once they marry, I want them to be totally monogamous, fully committed to their partners… 100%… until one of them dies. Their colourful pasts should not matter one bit.

    I just hate hypocrisy and deceit and I want to see people open, honest and fair with others as well as with themselves.Please be honest with your future husband not many tamils accept use goods.

    Most of the Tamil unmarried girls are 30+ and probably were not serious about their virginity when they lost it. Now they have to compete with their much younger counterparts in the marriage market who have the advantage of their virginity. Their only hope now is to make videos like this to underplay the importance of virginity. In most conservative societies virginity is associated with chastity and commitment. Not to say that a non-virgin has a loose character but definitely that person prefers sexual pleasures more than moral commitments and therefore such persons are less likely to stay committed in long relationships such as marriages. Our culture taught us to control our Lust and many other negative things. MAN and WOMEN both should be VIRGIN otherwise they should not get offended when society doesn’t accept it.

    Sorry but this is the harsh truth

    I dont understand why are we Tamis trying to make our society sexually lose, look at west, almost every women there gets raped, single teenage mothers, its completely crumbling, following your desires does not makes you modern or cool.

    Tamils do not understand that we are better then west when it comes to culture and family traditions, its actually sad to see the new generation trying to learn **** from west, dont they see whats happening there already? STDs, generations of teen age mothers, illegitimate children, such victims get lured into sex business and drugs…., The west some how seems to be oky with it which is why they dont know their own fathers or family, they end up being psychologically damaged, doing drugs, etc if you wanna practice such untamil bull**** get go where its practiced dont bring that **** here in our culture.

  5. Being a virgin nowadays makes you special, it’s like being a unicorn’ ..
    You shouldn’t lose your virginity before marriage. partners.Virginity is the most precious gift you can give to another Human being.Nowadays if you aren’t carrying and STD or don’t have multiple sex partners people think you are a loser..,Virgin girls/guys are so precious

    If the western mentality is so forward then why are men in U.K. having sex with dead deers and dogs….Why are divorce rates so high if people fall in love? Why are girls treated as sex toys? Why are people still having sex with animals? Holy ****! Don’t teach us what to do, brah. 
    We all know how faithful westerners are…

    Girls in the U.K are grown just to become a **** or a *****. LOL. Girls lose their virginity at the age of 13 or 14. Funny how they try to protect their lame culture. Half of their children are grown up by one parent, I guess. In Sri Lanka husband is cheater? HAHAHAHAHAHAH! We don’t atsk random girls for sex…

    And btw, they don’t value it that’s why divorce rates are high. In U.K, so many married women have been caught having sex with neighbors and some other people. Do you like it? Should we become like that? If yes, then I’m ready, because I’m not an ugly *** person that can’t get laid. I’m just holding it for the special one. 
    And of course virginity is important to me, I’m a virgin myself. I would love to share it with some girl that actually deserves it. There’s a difference between love and lust. Please learn it. Being a guy myself, I would feel guilty if I slept with a girl before marriage. Westerners have a lot to learn from us.

  6. I am a Sri Lankan Hindu ,and in my culture we do not believe in pre marital sex,in my familly no one had pre marital sex ,same for my Sri lankan hindu friends,I do know other hindu’s who do not believe in pre marital sex as well,it’s part of hindu culture.I’m not going to have sex with someone that I’m not going to spend the rest of my life with. But that’s just how I was raised, different people have different values. I think sex is not just sleeping with someone it has to be special, intimate. It may not be perfect(first times generally aren’t) but it’s with the right person. 
    My parents stressed on education a lot when I was growing up and I think it did me good.


  8. dradzi_ubova Virgin is always better, which is why I am waiting until I get married.I think that Tamils who know how much they’re worth and carry themselves that way are very attractive and up my alley(marriage material). I think that Tamils that give away sex either have self esteem issues, try to secure a relationship or have lack of discipline/self-control or all of the above.

  9. The Critic   There are many hypocrites, who had sex with their partner, but didn’t marry, just to try another one. Every girl who isn’t virgin will be offended. And the worst part is you cannot know it even if the girl tells you that she didn’t have any pre-marital sex.
    And you also have those guys calling you narrow-minded for not marrying the girl they slept with
    Seriously, those open-minded guys, if you are so open-minded, why don’t you marry prostitutes. You would be doing good to the society .Yeah, prostitutes would be better than those kind of girls, at-least they had a reason, thats to support their family. But what about you girls, you did it to have fun. Couples in my college used to have sex quite often, but didn’t marry afterwards. And the best part is they are still in touch with each other, even though they are married to different people. I suppose what they would be doing in the absence of their spouse.  

    And all-those open minded , modern hypocrites, please stop imposing your thoughts on someone not like you. You are a free citizen, so are others.

  10. Why is this girl talking on behalf of all Tamils?

    I am a virgin Tamil  guy and so I want a virgin girl. My future wife will face torture from me if she had sex before marriage.  Non-virgin girls should never play with the feelings of virgin boys and they should always tell their life partners about their virginity before marriage.Today there are many murders and crimes because of cheating in marriages. You guys must be aware of that. When a husband/wife finds out about the extra marital affairs then he/she kills his/her life partner along with the other person involved. Such crimes were not present in those days when men and women were virgin before marriage. But since both men and women are losing their morals and virginity the crimes and murders are increasing…

  11. Giajenthiran We can’t trust non virgins .and virgins who are cheaters are those who never got a chance to sleep withsomeone or they saved just for sake of society. A pure virgin can be trust.

    It’s NOT about personal choice, it’s personal restraint. Ever heard the term “Hold your horses”…. It was coined for jokers like this guy…..It’s these same idiots saying “I am fine with it” who are taking divorce rates in  Tamil society to unprecedented scales…

  12. chinnraasu 

    She may catch some SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE or she may get unwanted PREGNANCY which may lead to ABORTION, which is physically and mentally TRAUMATIC… my point is that this  article is encouraging PRE-MARITAL SEX and it is bad for 1000 reasons….

    Same applies for Boys as well.. they need to stay away from using a girl for sex and later fleeing (morally BAD in my view)… if they go to PROSTITUTES they may get some STD and may later pass it on to girl friend or wife… 
    So instead of craving for SEX, why not wait till MARRIAGE and have happy monogamous relation….

  13. ThamizhanOi  If one is given a choice between virgin and non -virgin -most probably he’ll go for a virgin.

    I want a virgin wife because for one I am a virgin myself. Secondly, sex I think is a unique experience where you feel connected to another person on a spiritual level and I think if you have sex with multiple partners especially before marriage, you will be leaving parts of your soul (that unique connectivity) behind.

    When you have sex with your life partner, it creates a special bond between you. But when you go around sleeping with just any random people then sex loses its meaning and what you are merely left with is lust.

  14. chinnraasuTrue bro For most of the girls today open mindedness means wearing short clothes, having many bfs , premarital sex with multiple  etc , time is not far when extra marital affair  will also be considered as open mindedness… A virgin girl most probably seeks for a virgin husband bcz she saved herself 25 years so she also expect him to be the one so they both can be each others first.

  15. dradzi_ubova They are open minded because they are not Virgin! Most of the guys are Virgin. Because it’s easy for a girl to get a guy. Even an average looking girl can get guys easily. That’s not the case of men. It’s very hard for average men to get women. Because Girls are always drawn towards macho, egotistical, self-serving male and they completely ignore the nice guys. These jerks have great skills. They sleep with many girls even by cheating them. Most of the girls will lose their virginity to these idiots and finally, ends up with the nice guys, who is still virgin! That’s why men ask for a virgin girls, which is possible but hard without good contacts.

  16. Stop generalizing all Tamils, I am born in France and no one in my familly had pre marital sex , all my siblings including me waites till marriage because we respect our culture (vellalar caste). you swestern/westernized  Tamil female and male . if you want to sleep around, stay unmarried and do whatever the heck you want, but stay away from marriage. don’t defile the marriage bed and then get married. stay away from it altogether. marriage is for people who have integrity, it has no place for hedonistic hoes. the west have done a fantastic job of ruining marriage and family values and look where its gotten them- an entire economy has been shattered. sure pple who are ignornant will say morality had nothing do with it. moral corruption had everything to do with it starting with the greed on Wall St!!!!! Hope Canada isn’t dumb enough to fall into the same trap bc kollywood and the media are paving the way for that. so parents with some sense, please teach your kids family values. many don’t and let their kids run loose and end being hoes. Indians and white are the worst when it comes to marriage.

  17. Vithua4  Benefits of being virgin

    “No pregnancy fears:” – Readily available information about contraception would be a more practical option, though in some cultures married couples are advised abstinence to prevent pregnancy.“No STDs:” Doesn’t this apply to men and women both? Today in India many married women and their children have AIDS. These women were virgins when they married and their non virgin (and not necessarily faithful) husbands passed on the virus to them. Some countries in Africa and other countries that obsess with women’s ‘purity’ face similar problems. If virginity was not such an issue, all these other related issues would not be brushed under the carpet and serious discussion would be possible.“No emotional trauma of a relationship: Sometimes there is nothing left in a relationship after sex. Love is not all about sex so there are many things a couple can do without sex in a relationship. Remember, a sexual disappointment can make you feel hurt, lonely and angry.”I would have thought knowledge and experience should help in such cases. And emotional trauma in a relationship is possible with or without sex, unless one of the partners insists on seeing virginity as a ‘gift from god’.And does this imply that it is okay if there is no ‘relationship after sex’ for married couples?Agree with there are many things that couple can do in a relationship – but didn’t understand why sex shouldn’t be one of those things, if both the partners want it and no coercion or emotional blackmail is used?“Your man will feel so proud and happy: It’s a fact; most men still prefer a virgin woman. No guys want to think about his girl having sex with other guys. Even though virgin women are not sexually experienced, men still love them and feel more sexually excited. He will respect your innocence, and also there won’t be any arguments on your past relationships.”Sexist generalizations. So a woman should stay a virgin to make a man ‘sexually excited’? (Such non-virgin intentions are innocent?) Also consider – what would make a man prefer a virgin? Fear of being compared to her other partners? What about the woman having similar concerns?“You are pure as an angel: Virgins are probably one of the sanest people on earth. Most virgin women have morals and respect themselves. Also they take relationship and marriage very seriously.”

  18. ThamizhanOi Like my friend said

    An open letter to Radical Feminists

    The self-proclaimed feminist writer purports, rather presumptuously to speak on behalf of all sexually repressed Tamil women. The writer’s fatwa against patriarchal control of women’s sexuality exhorts women to lead a promiscuous life without any concern for Tamil cultural propriety or mores. The idea is paradigm shifting with regards to Tamil culture and mores. The writer is hoping to recreate the zeitgeist of the 1960’s Americana -pot smoking, free love, Hippie movement- for Tamils and Tamil culture. One must question the logic behind such a tectonic shift in thought. I feel the argument for this as presented by the writer was rather weak and self-defeating. The lifestyle as espoused by the writer only hastens a denouement that will hurt the very women it wants to liberate. While it seems the writer is from a Tamil background, it is blatantly obvious that the writer is lacking insight into Tamil cultural mores. Her “Tamil-Men-Hating” piffle was a direct result of a lack of insight into the Tamil cultural mores and customs. 

    She is what one might call a nominal Tamil or Hindu. It seems patently clear the writer is confused about her identity. While I am no clinical psychologist, it would appear the writer is suffering from a rather bad case of “Identity crisis” possibly made worse by deep seated emotional issues such as “repressed sexuality” and “nymphomania”. A slew of such repressed emotional issues in the writer have metastasized into a severe case of misandry.  Or perhaps her diatribe was a weak attempt at rationalizing her guilt of spending one too many nights out with the boys, while studying in the university? Or perhaps, an overt act of “anger displacement” to mitigate her feelings of shame and guilt by shifting blame collectively at men. But then again, who knows what goes inside the mind of a sex hungry, sexually repressed Tamil nymphomaniac floozy? 

    What a spoiled brat! While her sisters in Sri Lanka are suffering from the aftermath of a devastating war she is unperturbedly getting wet thinking about risque encounters with varied men until she decides to marry, if she marries at all! She wants to be caressed by any man she damn well chooses and then expects her future husband to appreciate her for her cranial capacity and conveniently ignore her fickleness! I find it rather disconcerting in this day and age with rampant outbreak in sexually transmitted diseases, our Tamil sister has inflicted this piffle on us. And shame on DBS and TamilCulture for publishing this filth despite their lousy disclaimers.

    The synopsis of her rather weakly argued proposition when flayed to the skeleton is: A woman is free to have sex with multiple partners before marriage and this should not be frowned upon. The poor wretch who betroths her should not consider her past indiscretions as impediments to present/future martial bliss and any incipient rankling must be doused by taking into account the wife’s giant brain size and slightly adopting “cuckoldish” delight in her past experiences.

    Well, I say, the hell with that! I do not care so much about your cerebral capacity as I care about your maternal and uxorial qualities. I could care less if you are verbally gifted, but I would like you to be orally gifted -preferably without any prior experience- and culinarily inclined. If you are looking for unbridled independence with ‘Carte Blanche’ lifestyle, you would be better off with a sucker white guy or a negro. And I’ll say good riddance!

    Lest you take me for a callous man, let me state for the record, while I support feminist causes like equal pay for equal work, freedom from harassment, suffrage rights etc. I am against radical feminism. Arguably, the veritable culprit behind many a broken homes and the cause of decline in marriage rates in Western countries. However, what the writer is proposing simply borders on the obscene  – a page straight from the radical feminist manifesto- and to which I am vehemently opposed. It pays to bear in mind that there are certain things that will never change, no matter how hard feminists may try. Each of us must strive to represent the gender roles that nature has bestowed upon us. To act or go against nature is anomalous,is abnormal and is unnatural. Don’t be led astray by false ideology and radical feminism.

    Here is a simple analogy for you overzealous Tamil feminists to ponder over. A man can walk down a street with his shirt off, bare chested. Can you women do that? Can you do that in front of your Dad? Mom? Brother? I can. You can’t. Deal with it. 

    Ever the gentleman, I am now overcome with a tinge of guilt for this “ad hominem” attack on your person. So as a token of agreeing to disagree, Dear Niveda, if you are still into sleeping around with no strings attached, I am interested. I promise you a good time. Just don’t expect me to marry you. I may put a noose around your neck but never a “Thaali Kodi”. But don’t worry, I’ll spare the noose until we are done. I know how ornery you get when you are unsatisfied.

  19. Mamat37000Tamil  Many people highly criticize virgins by telling them you are narrow-minded. But in reality, it is a excuse to be promiscous.
    Their new meaning of love is s*x.
    Just look at the behaviour of her mother because if mother is characterless then her daughter will be the same..Trust me you don’t want to procreate with such devils .
    Living with a non-virgin is like silently killing myself, my emotional health will suffer a lot. So i will prefer to stay “HAPPY” virgin than to “”SUFFER” my whole life with a non-virgin.

    Sometimes i get frustated because i can’t live with a non-virgin girl… i will prefer to die happy virgin than to marry a loose character girl.
    And if i need physical satisfaction, i can pay for s*x with pros without any commitment….so why marry a non-virgin because there is not much difference between a pros & non-virgin girl.

    If i didn’t found hymen and she did not bleed, she will be out of my house & life on the wedding day itself.
    An unchaste or characterless girl will not stay even a single day in my house.

     As a matter of fact, I find tamil women in Canada to be full of testosterone. 

    A girl who has loosed her virginity before marriage, then it simply means she has no or little value for marriage.

    What family a unchaste girl provide, will i be able to tell my child that your mother has slept with X and Y and Z.
    She may indulge in adultery too after marriage, so i think she is not my marriage material.
    Unchaste girls are for community.
    Virgins are for husbands.

    I definitely respect women who are chaste, intelligent, and cultured. I don’t respect those, “hymenally challenged” ones who spread their legs before marriage….why should I ? In regards to my so-called double standards, well…let’s just say that men and woman are fundamentally different in that men are born with the ability to inseminate virtually unlimited women, while women can only support being pregnant once a year. Thus, monogamy makes sense for women (and for men in marriages), but for unmarried men, having multiple sex partners isn’t such a big deal. I know that may sound unfair, but don’t yell at me…go scream at god or something. Also…no amount of social activism can change this fact that men are programmed for having multiple partners, while women are not. Call it “double standards” or call it “sexist” or whatever….you can give it any label you want…I just call it nature

  20. I find tamil women in Canada to be full of testosterone., they don’t have that beauty that the girls back home have due to being westernised most of them aren’t even virgin , they also do drugs and alcohol ….A wife has to be kind, intelligent, pleasant, AND respectable. I couldn’t respect a woman as a wife if she wasn’t a virgin.

    Tamil guys – even educated guys who grew up in Canada – are very judgmental about a girl’s past. Even today, Tamil men have different standards for whom they’ll casually date and whom they’ll marry. And a Tamil girl who has had several boyfriends or sexual partners will not be viewed as marriage material. Tamil men won’t settle for what they perceive as “used goods” with baggage from past relationships. While this double standard may seem unfair to the ladies, it is still the reality in our community.

    You don’t often see  cultural Tamil Hindu in Sri Lanka girls  slooting it up, hanging out in clubs, being a mess etc…Normally raised in a strict home with moral values. they are more spiritual. most of them smarter than your average insta/fb/twitter  selfie addict.

    Gonna be my next wifey! Well Tamil to be precise but close enough! Sick of the Bullchit with western women and their fuarked up drama. Also at my age the best I am gonna do in this society is a 28-40 year old milf sloot with about 3 kids. With an Tamil  bride from the actual country I can get a young hot looking VIRGIN honey between the ages of 18-21. , Sex whenever I want, clean house, cooked food, no being questioned about my whereabouts when I get home. The perfect deal. Only a fool would turn down something like that!

    In fact right now I am having my grandfather and some other relatives find me a bride (SRS). We are DAMNED lucky to have an Tamil background and have this option. I am going to utilize it

     At the same time, Tamil guys today can’ go “back home” to marry a virgin bride as t our uncles and older cousins did. A Tamil man with a professional job has plenty of options unlike girls even in our old age we can get married to young virgin females.Don’t waste your time with tamils girls born in the west  it’s not worth,  get a girl from Sri Lanka. Even if you can’t speak Tamils because girls in the country can understand English.Sri Lankan Taml brides from the country are the best marriage material they are the perfect exemple for the future generation.

  21. Are you trying to tell me that all girls in Sri Lanka who are chaste and cultured are village simpletons ? Sorry…many of my cousins are physicians/engineers etc and still live a very cultured life because they have been brought up to regard their husbands and their families as sacred. They wouldn’t even think of dating a man before marriage, and by the time they are in their late 20’s they are likely to well settled with loving husbands who respect them and care for them (unlike the bitter ABCD women who spread their legs before marriage, and then get nasty and cynical in their late 20s wondering why Tamil  men don’t like them).I

  22. Mamat37000Tamil  I think it’s very respectable that you’re a virgin. The one you choose to marry will most likely appreciate that too. There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin at all. I’m in high school myself, and I still am. I have some friends that are not though, which is totally okay. Sometimes the right time for one person isn’t right for someone else. I think you should do what makes you happy, and follow your instincts. Not everyone likes to have sexual relationships while they’re very young. The one thing I suggest is just don’t do anything you don’t want to do. If you want to remain a virgin and someone is pressuring you to do otherwise, then you can tell them no. The biggest mistake some of my friends have told me they’ve made was doing things before they were ready because their boyfriend/girlfriend pressured them into something. You do you girl, and best of luck!

    Most marriages fail because either spouse, usually the girl, has had a sexual experience before meeting her husband. The result is divorce in less than 10 years – very painful. At all costs, maintain your purity untill married, that way your set for life. MEN- never marry a girl who isn’t a virgin. A girl will always be loyal to the man who takes her virginity. Don’t worry you’ll have 50 years of sex to get all the experience you want. VIRGINITY = SMART+ HAPPINESS+ NO DIVORCE. All divorced couples had sex before they were married – that’s a fact.

  23. Still a virgin, by choice… and I know many tamils who are… I also know a girl who saved her virginity and chose to get an arranged marriage… Her husband was some sex deprived perv… and she was a sweet innocent virgin, and tries her best to keep her “child like innocence” with that cute laughter and being all aloof… behind her sweet smile is a depressed woman… I only know this because she turns to me to talk about her life, she’s not happy… not saying her saving her virginity has anything to do with her happiness but i think the idea of the marrying virgin, the woman might have to wear a mask to appear a certain way and be “child like”… gross…

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