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Vasu Karunanithy, Hiro Logonathan, Nishashan Jegaindrabalan and Gogulan Mahendra. What started off as fooling around with a camera for these guys, has led to over 20 videos, 2 667 fans and counting, and thousands of hits on their YouTube channel. Their interests in Tamil movies, and making movies, inspired them to create videos about what life is like for a Tamil guy. The positive feedback they received from their first video encouraged them to keep going and to start a fan page that officially declared them the Tamil Guys.

In terms of what motivates their work now, Vasu said that it’s “answering the question ‘what do we want to remember about our youth?’, changing the stereotype that “young Tamil guys [are] not being productive” and making a name for young Tamils in Canada. This group is definitely well on their way to achieving success with all of their goals. Since starting off almost a year ago with a camera and 4 members, they’ve grown to a team of 7, have their own website, and have inspired others to start video projects as well, e.g. The Tamil Girls.

They credit their success to their diverse fan base, which they have developed through the use of subtitles in their videos. According to the Tamil Guys “The support we have received is what has got us this far and makes us love what we do even more.” So what more can you expect to see from the Tamil Guys? More short videos, and the soundtrack and trailer for “Anju Thalai Nagam” (the full length movie they’ll be releasing in 2012). The movie will include collaborations with SE Boyz and MC SAI.

The Tamil Guys have a unique combination of improv and scripted comedy which is sure to keep you entertained. They have a lot of fun doing what they do, and that energy comes out full force in their videos. TC asked the Guys which of their videos is their favourite, and they had a lot of trouble picking just one. “We enjoyed filming all of them and each video had a different concept/theme, so each one felt like we were taking on something new. It’s exciting and we’re always looking forward to the end result of the video just like our fans.”

Check out the Tamil Guys’ pick, as the video they had most fun with, the “Spring Special”.

– Nive Thambithurai

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Nivethika Thambithurai

Nivethika Thambithurai

Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto, Nive is a dreamer and writer who loves exploring how Tamil culture varies around the world in fashion, food, films and music.

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