Dilani Rabindran
Founder & Managing Director, VFC
Film & TV
My name is Dilani Rabindran and I am a Consulting Professional in the international entertainment & media industry, in which I founded a company to help promote quality South Asian cinema. After 4 years with the Toronto International Film Festival I joined National Award winning director M. Manikandan’s core creative team while I assisted with production coordination on his third feature. It was during this time that I founded Viewfinder Film Consulting after recognizing the need for a formal voice to speak on behalf of independent South Indian cinema to the world. Since returning to Canada to continue running the company from here I also joined Bell Media, as a Strategic Portfolio Manager in their Digital division. I am also a freelance columnist within the South Asian entertainment sector, host a popular podcast called 1 by 2 for Raaga.com and curate films for the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival.
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Dilani Rabindran
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