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With the rapid growth of the fitness industry, many are investing in it due to its quality return on investment. With that being said, it’s time to introduce Mithunan Jayamohan and Arkash Jayanandan, two cousins from Sydney, Australia who founded Jayaesthetics.


Jayaesthetics is a business founded by two physiotherapy students with a passion for fitness. They decided to start a fitness bootcamp for the Tamil community. After a year, it has grown so significantly that it now also caters to those outside the Tamil community. They now not only conduct a bootcamp three times a week, but they also sell merchandise and make educational YouTube videos about fitness.

Arkash Jayanandan and Mithunan Jayamohan

Jayaesthetics is derived from their surnames, both which start with “Jay”. What started as just a family hashtag soon inspired the boys to make it into something legitimate and big. Today, Jayaesthetics is well known throughout the Tamil community within Sydney and is starting to make a name for itself. The two founding members have been working hard to provide all of their clients a quality service. They make sure that their programs are fun and beneficial, that their products are of quality, and that their videos are informational and entertaining.


Here is a link to their Jayaesthetics Bootcamp Facebook Page. If you want to show some support, give it a Like!

Below is one of their YouTube videos which discuss the use of juice cleanses. If you enjoy the vidoes and think they are beneficial, give them a Like and Subscribe.

If you reside in Sydney and want to train and get fit, definitely consider Jayaesthetics. If you happen to visit Sydney and want an intense yet fun workout, be sure to check these guys out!

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