Flashback Friday: Vintage South Asian Fashion


In honour of flashback Friday, I thought why not take a trip back in time and have look at some fabulous vintage South Asian fashion!


South Asian women were adorned in beautiful jewels to celebrate to beauty of the body, from head to toe! Although we do not see this on a normal day in 2015, bride’s are still, to this day, covered in beautiful colours and gorgeous jewels to celebrate and enhance her natural beauty!


Look at these women go! Here we can see a mixture of South Asian and Western fashion, with women dressed in traditional sari’s combined with European styled blouses. These women remind me of many styles that have been re-introduced into fashion today, for example the eye catching belted sari’s!


Silk has been an important part of the South Asian culture; there was an abundant access to the luxurious fabric however, due to the price of the fabric it was hard to afford such luxury in smaller and poor villages. This fabric represented the social culture of the South Asian community and till this day it holds an important role in the Tamil Culture. This photograph was taken in 1872 in Madras, Tamil Nadu of a bride dressed in a ceremonial sari and adorned in jewels – similar to brides today!


This young girl from 1912 is wearing a tunic over her sari, which is another example of a style that we have brought back to fashion now.

These beautiful women are only a few examples of the fabulous vintage fashion that existed in time. Although some fashion statements have been lost in time, many styles have been reimagined and re-introduced – from belts to blouses! What are some of your favourite vintage styles?


Archaeological Survey of India Collections

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