Coming Out: A Powerful Visual About Discrimination

This powerful visual by Arjun Kamath Photography captures the discrimination faced by the LGBTQ community in India.


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7 thoughts on “Coming Out: A Powerful Visual About Discrimination

  1. First world problems? As in Nazi German Europe, after being denied our freedoms & way of life for centuries from the terrors of foreign domination including mass genocides & enslavement , with liberty, Tamil Culture now confronts not only survival & re-generating on Earth but also again the full spectrum of Tamil humanity.
    LEST WE FORGET the terrors of alien & foreign domination :

  2. It’s not Tamils culture, where it is a culture of oligarchy to depopulate the world! Asholes!

  3. WORLD POPULATION IS 7 BILLION. Is it not enough? I would be happy even if half become gay.

  4. Do you know that 10 billion is the uppermost world population limit, where the food is concerned! You asholes got caught to the oligarchy’s net!

  5. Enlighten me with facts about the 10 billion population limit. Am curious about the research. And why do you get so angry when two people do what they like? Are you a suppressed gay?

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