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Why Tamil-Canadians Should Vote Conservative
Are you a bad visible minority if you vote Conservative? Maybe not.
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If I had a choice between telling a woman in Toronto that I’m a Conservative party member or telling her I’d contracted genital herpes, I’d choose the latter -  it might actually get me a second date.

Right wingers, racists and bigots are some of the words thrown at Conservative party supporters in politics.  If you’re a visible minority, you have to be on the left. If not, you’re a traitor or Uncle Tom or Samuel L. Jackson.

Upon reading  “Politics for Children of the Diaspora“ by a Nemica Raneethran, I can relate to the frustration felt by some about minorities voting for conservative parties. How can they vote Conservative? Aren’t we all immigrants and the brainchildren of left wing politics? 

Herein lies a fundamental flaw of left wing politics. While identity is a part of politics, politics is not identity alone. Does a minority Tamil care about his brethren in Sri Lanka? Yes, he does. Will he protest for their rights at Yonge and Dundas? Yes, he will. But when his left wing government increases his property tax forcing him to work longer hours, guess who our Tamil patriot will vote against? The same left wingers.

Will Mathew Trinh, who came to Canada as a Vietnamese refugee, vote for the Conservative party who supposedly speak against refugees? He may not. But when his automotive plant in Toronto moves offshore to Mexico due to high tax rates, he’ll vote for the same Conservative party he may at times disagree with.

Immigrants are not bound to vote along Liberal party lines simply because left wingers allegedly love immigrants. In the initial stages, they may swing to the left. But ideologically and financially, immigrant communities seek fiscal responsibility and family values in the long term. Immigrants who open up restaurants do worry when the minimum wage goes up.  They do worry when the carbon tax increases the operational cost of their small business. 

More importantly, immigrants do worry when their son – a 28 year old gender studies major – lives in their basement and uses up their retirement savings. While the son likely votes NDP, his parents will vote Conservative looking for a change.

In short, immigrants can and should vote Conservative. The left wing has unfortunately evolved into an echo chamber of identity politics, focused on one’s feelings rather than objective reality. Until it reverts closer to the centre of the political spectrum, Conservative votes will only increase from immigrant groups.

To quote former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, “Immigrants are Conservatives. They are entrepreneurial, they believe in family, they believe in faith, they oppose crime. If properly done, Conservatives can be a base party for immigrants.” 

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Nakheeran II
Nakheeran likes to tell the truth just like medieval tamil poet Nakkirar II. The truth...
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