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The Siddha Lineage is considered to be the oldest surviving spiritual lineage of Ancient India flourishing from the Pre Vedic Era. We are a non-profit youth organisation to propagate the teachings of the Ancient Tamil Siddars.

We offer these teachings of 'YOGAM' the very root of ancient yogic teachings. Our work is to spread these teachings for total human wellbeing for all in the world.

Tyoga, has been established to revive the traditional ancient yogic practices and teachings given by Siddhar Tirumular and is a center of Tamil Siddhar Traditions and teachings. We keep alive this intangible heritage through youthful interest, classes, studies, and special programmes. The gurukulam has the backing of such traditional masters who are dedicated totally to these practices and teachings. We have some of the last living exponents, elders and resource people who deliver today these great ancient teachings. Our work also documents their skills and techniques while exposing select youth who are in training with us to be the next generation of teachers of this ancient knowledge and practices. This will evolve a lifestyle for youth and offering new possibilities in keeping with the vision of the importance of ‘human birth.’

Tyoga is also a spiritual community that continues to provide experiences in spiritual practices and encouraging a lifestyle that meets the purpose of life for each and every one.

One should organise one’s life not according to outer and artificial rules, but according to an organised inner consciousness, for if one lets life go on without subjecting it to the control of the higher consciousness, it becomes fickle and inexpressive. It is to waste one’s time in the sense that matter remains without any conscious utilisation.

“Hidden in each man is the spark of the universal delight,
The eternal soul, shining brightly, but a mute witness.
Awake, yet unknown, in all sleeping hearts is the seed of eternal joy,
O Lord of Wisdom, awaken my heart to reach your Soul.”

Join us and get to know us and our work. Join our Module Practice - An Experience and Gateway to Tirumular’s Siva Yoga. Our modular system allows YOU to be aware of what Tirumular’s Yoga is about and preparing YOU level by level for you to LEARN, PRACTICE then EXPERIENCE and to finally DISCOVER for YOURSELF this rich knowledge that will be your guiding force in your life.

We are based out of Chidambaram, in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Why Chidambaram?
Tirumular Yoga has given to us the rich essence of a yoga practice for developing ourselves. This development goes to the total success of yourself. Tirumular’s Yoga teaching is a practical system for developing the entire personality; its benefits include good health, happiness, professional success, and peace of mind. It brings you into a holistic approach to a yoga practice that’s from the very source. Here you begin the process to have an opportunity to your intuition, awaken your life energy, and enhance your personal aura.

The spiritual secrets of Chidambaram temple lie hidden in the mists of time, the heart of Chidambaram! ‘Cit’ means consciousness and Ambaram in Tamil signifies ‘Expansion.’ The name unifies two aspects of the doctrine, meaning both ‘Expansion of Consciousness,’ as well as the place of the ‘Ether of Consciousness.’ The world is the embodiment of the ‘Virat Purusha,’ the colossal human form. Chidambaram is the center of this form, the place of the heart, where Siva performs the Cosmic Dance. The Temple of Consciousness refers to the quality of wisdom which pervades the atmosphere, bestowed upon the worshippers by the Dance of the Lord. His boon is the experience of the Cosmic Dance.
Tyoga has set its roots in this atmosphere.

Many great saints and rishis through time have come to Chidambaram and some of them have their Samadhi here.

Chidambaram is also the place of ‘Samadi’ of Siddar Tirumular.

JOIN US ON THIS GREAT SPIRITUAL WORK GIVEN TO US TO GIVE THIS Technology to others. Get to know yourself and expand your awareness through this holistic Yoga.
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