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Rani Event Decor
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We at Rani Event Décor have a vision to develop a highly personalized and tailored event decor to each of our clients. Growing up in a family full of creative artists, it has always been a niche of ours to stick with the blends of creativity we are so familiar with. As our bond continues to work strongly, we bring to you a collaboration to introduce a new influence and change to the décor industry. We incorporate inventive ideas with regards to having the most unique designs catering individuals in all spectrums of our versatile community. Our desire is to be able to sponsor our specialized décor services to a variety of individuals within the communities providing luxury events styles and essentially becoming your storytellers with our concepts.

Mathuran Tharmalingam, Co-Founder, Project Director & Marketing Director at PMO

Giva Nithiyanantham. Co-Founder & Creative Director at PMO

Rishy Mahendran, Co-Founder & Director of Operations at PMO

Vithusan Balasothy, Co-Founder & Director of Finance at PMO
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