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Mathusa Selvaratnam
Beau Chic Events & UndercoverChick Software Test Analyst United Kingdom
Born and raised in Germany. I completed my education in London and graduated with a Chemistry degree. I'm currently a Software Test Analyst for a large Marketing and Technology company and am the founder of Beau Chic Events. An events company I set up to allow networking within the Tamil Community and to showcase new and unfound talent. Being a woman in STEM I am passionate about inspiring more women to join more STEM fields which is why I have set up the initiative with Sangavi, another fellow Tamil woman in STEM - #BrownBabesInSTEM. I have travelled to over 26 countries and share my love for travel via my personal brand UndercoverChick, on I aim to use my personal experience to inspire and help people embark on their own journeys via my platforms.
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