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Danton Thurairajah
Non Profit Canada
The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) is a non-profit organization which serves as the voice of Tamil Canadians. Headquartered in Toronto, the CTC has chapters across the country and an elected
board of directors. The non-partisan organization works as the community’s spokesperson on the
municipal, provincial, federal and international levels.

Le congrès Tamoul canadien (CTC), est un organisme à but non lucratif qui représente la voix des
Tamouls canadiens. Le siège social étant à Toronto, le CTC possède chapitres dans l’ensemble du
pays ainsi qu’un conseil administratif élu. L’organisme agit comme un porte- parole non-partisan
de la communauté au niveau municipal, provincial, fédéral et international.

Uphold Canadian values of human rights, multiculturalism, religious and cultural diversity, gender
equality, pluralism and volunteerism

Promote the participation of Tamil Canadians in activities of local, regional, provincial and national

Work with various levels of Governments in Canada to highlight and resolve issues impacting
Tamil Canadians

Cooperate with Canadian and international organizations in alleviating the suffering and provide
humanitarian assistance to Tamils worldwide

Champion for equality, equality rights and equal opportunity for all diverse groups, in particular
gender equality, by working towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination and intolerance

Recognize and support the social, cultural and political aspirations of the Tamils in the island of
Sri Lanka and worldwide

Advance the research, study and usage of the Tamil language and culture

Develop and enhance working relationships with other ethnocultural groups in Canada
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