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Published: | Canada

TraumAssist's Colour Ball Looks To Heal Through Art

Tickets are officially on sale for Colour Ball! We would love for you to join us on April 13th for another lively and entertaining night as we hold our second annual Colour Ball Gala. The evening will showcase an art exhibition and live performances, followed by a buffet-style dinner, drinks, and music to dance your heart out to!

TraumAssist International is a non-profit organization registered in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, that focuses on alleviating the immense and relentless mental suffering amongst populations exposed to sudden, unexpected, and devastating traumatic events. TraumAssist was established in 2016 by two sisters, Dr. Sajeeka Jeyakumar and Dr. Ajouka Jeyakumar, after their humanitarian work in Nepal during the 2015 earthquake where over 9000 people died.

Today TraumAssist is a group of individuals from diverse, multidisciplinary sectors who all have a passion for bringing awareness about post-traumatic mental health, removing the stigma around mental illnesses, and improve the recovery approach for the invisible wounds of trauma both locally and globally. Our mission is to make a global impact on mental health by helping rehabilitate communities impacted by traumatic events through the guiding principles of (1) Relief (2) Recovery (3) Resilience.

Profits from ticket sales, raffle draws and silent auctions will be used towards our international collaboration with Health Education Project Haiti and Samutthana Sri Lanka. Your support will help us send disadvantaged youth from Santo, Haiti to school as well as initiate a Mobile Mental Health Service to remote villages in Mullaitivu, Sri Lanka.

Samutthana, an organization that focuses on minimizing the impact of psychological trauma resulting from civil conflict and other disasters in Sri Lanka and their aftermath, through skills training, education and research. We will use your donations and support to help initiate Mobile Mental Health Services to remote villages in Mullaitivu. The current situation is the lack of peripheral support on mental health services available - the war-affected villages are located nearly 40 to 50 km from the Mullaitivu hospital. Most of the villagers find it challenging to travel to acquire services in the district hospitals and people find it easier to relate and accept the support when provided in their own environment rather than a mental health clinic at a hospital mainly due to stigma. Click here to read more about this project: http://www.samutthana.org.lk/ .

The second international project will be in collaboration with Health Education Project Haiti, a non-profit organization on a mission to improve health and quality of life in Haiti through education, outreach, and medical services. We will use your donations and support to help fund disadvantaged children in Santo, Haiti to give them the opportunity to attend school. We will also be implementing a creative project where TraumAssist volunteers and the Haitian students will join forces to create a healing environment. With your help, we can educate hundreds of children each year at this school. Click here to read more about this project: https://www.hephaiti.com/.  

Please visit www.colourball.org and purchase your tickets to have an amazing night while supporting two great causes! 

If your business would like to become a corporate sponsor, please contact care@traumassist.org

Follow @traumassist for event updates.

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