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"Thavikkiren" Music Video
Yearning for love.
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In the spectrum of love, there are two extremes. One is happiness and the other is pain. We wanted to capture the pain in this song. When we worked on this song, we used A.R. Rahman's "Thalli Pogathey" as a template, when included the rap portion. We want to thank Kirishan's father, Suresh uncle for writing the lyrics for the song, which started this whole process and got the song to where it is now. We hope you enjoy the visuals, which were shot by the talented VM Images, along with the opening drone shots done by iamREVENT. We also want to thank Mandeep Singh for helping out with the night-time filming as well. If you do like the song and video, please like and share!


  • Song - Thavikkiren
  • Vocals - Birithivy Yogaratnam
  • Rap - Shehzeb Iftakhar
  • Composed, Produced, & Arranged by Kirishan Suresh
  • Lyrics - S.A. Suresh (Tamil) & Shehzeb Iftakhar (English)
  • Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Kirishan Suresh
  • Music video directed by VM Images
  • Drone footage shot by iamREVENT
  • Special Thanks to Mandeep Singh Films for assisting the shoot

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Created By
Birithivy Yogaratnam
Just trying to find my way in the world of music and film, one day at a time!:)
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