Should Tamil Diaspora Kids Avoid Traveling to Sri Lanka?


Arch and Sooj, two Tamil women born and raised in the west, kick-off their first ever podcast with a discussion on the complex topic of traveling to Sri Lanka, a country most diaspora Tamils once fled to avoid persecution and to find better lives for their children.

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One thought on “Should Tamil Diaspora Kids Avoid Traveling to Sri Lanka?

  1. To be honest if Tamil diaspora kids are to travel to Sri Lanka they should travel only to visit relatives /family or for aid work. secondly when staying there they should avoid staying in luxury hotels and posting those pictures on Facebook. As much of these luxury tourist projects are often carried out in an unethical way where the local inhabitants are chased out without compensation to make way for hotels. At the end of the day we should remember that Sri Lanka does not care about most of its citizens let alone Tamils. We have to remember that despite their flaws countries such as the UK and Canada have cared more for Tamils in the way of housing and equality than Sri Lanka ever has. If a boycott was legitimate for apartheid South Africa I don’t see why it is not legitimate for Sri Lanka.

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