Tamil Culture Is Thriving In The Canadian Prairies
The Tamil culture is so deeply rooted within us that even in small cities around the world, it brings Tamil people together, no matter what our differences are, to celebrate our heritage.
Nammy Nadarajah
Winnipeg, Canada
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For two weeks in August, there is an international festival celebrating multiculturalism held in Winnipeg, called Folklorama, that draws people from across Canada and around the world.  

Several community-based organizations showcase their culture through dance, music, cultural displays and food at venues all through the city. Winnipeg is home to a few Tamils who were born in Canada or immigrated from various parts of the world. This small but mighty community unites to host the Tamil Pavillion in Folklorama. At the Tamil Pavilion there are groups of children who prepare every year for the festival. This year, the Covid-19 pandemic called for the cancellation of this city-wide festival.  Yet the spirit and enthusiasm of the young dancers made way for a new way of dancing together and celebrating Tamil culture. These wonderful group of children were not able to shine on stage as they do every year but their hope for this year was to bring a little bit of joy and happiness into homes. Here's their performance:

Watch on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tamilpavilion/videos/303796891043788

Dance Choreographer/Organizer: Shobana Sivananthan & Nammy Nadarajah
Song: Dhom Dhom
Music Credit/Artist: Hiphop Tamizha / Sanjith Hegde

Nammy Nadarajah
Winnipeg,  Canada
Supporter of teaching Tamil culture to the next generation.
Supporter of teaching Tamil culture to the next generation.
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