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Tamil Artist's Disney-Themed Bharatanatyam Dancers Go Viral
Her latest sketches imagine popular disney princesses as Bharathanatyam dancers.
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Thusyanthe Srisachiananthadasan (who goes by Schaya_Artist on Instagram), is an artist from Germany who is known for taking well known Disney characters like Aladdin and Princess Jasmine and giving them a traditional South Asian look.

Art has been a passion for her since a young age:

"Since the age of 16 I have always loved painting and knew it was my passion. Hence why I enrolled into Croydon college and studied art and design to further improve my skills and knowledge. It also let me learn more about myself and what I desired in life, which is when I decided that my path in life was to become an artist."

Her latest sketches imagine popular disney princesses as Bharathanatyam dancers which have gone viral! They've been featured on countless accounts and have racked up thousands of likes and shares to date. You can view them all here.



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