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SAFTAC: A Collective For South Asians To Boost Representation In Film, TV & The Arts
Welcome to SAFTAC, a collective/ community for South Asian folk to help boost visibility and representation within the industry.
Shawn Basheer
Video Editor
United Kingdom
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I'm a Tamil-Malayali BAFTA Crew member, myself and a few other British South Asians in the British Film and TV industry have set up a small collective for our fellow community members to help get them into the Film & TV industry. Aside from that, we provide a safe space for our people to discuss issues in media, we run mentorship schemes, facilitate in helping productions crew up, provide guidance on scripts and job applications and also post opportunities in the industry from time to time.

If you are a film-maker or work in the film/TV industries in some capacity and would like to collaborate with other South Asians, please join this to help boost our representation in the western media industry. Many thanks and hope to see you all there 🙏🏾

Request to join the private facebook group:

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Shawn Basheer
Video Editor
United Kingdom
Multi-Lingual Film & TV creative with five years of experience working with Post Produc...
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